Worship with me #65

Welcome to Worship with me #65!

You know, sometimes we want to put all our thoughts, beliefs, and understandings of how things work in a box, file it neatly away in our “this-is-how-it-is cubbyholes”, and perish the thought that someone else may not agree with what is in our box!  I’ve been guilty of that, too. (Um, funny thing is, that God does not fit in any of our boxes!)

I think my understanding of worship has morphed over the years from that straight “inside the box” thinking to “outside the box” thinking.

What I mean is that while worship does mean giving God the honor that is due Him, there are more ways than one to do that.

If my attitude is that of total surrender to God, then even in my asking Him for help, I can be attributing to Him great worth and the honor due His name!

So, let’s give that a try here today, shall we?

Dear Lord,

You are truly awesome! There is no one like You!

We are so glad, Lord, that You love us unconditionally, and we truly believe that, for You showed us how deeply You love us through Your sacrifice for us on the cross of Calvary!

Lord, we find ourselves surrounded by darkness and and all kinds of problems. Fear is written on the faces of many, and sometimes it even grips our hearts.

But when it comes down to it, we know and trust that we can bring You any care, any trial, any need, no matter how big it is, and You will be able to help us. No matter how big the giant is, You can bring it down!

Also, no matter how insignificant we think our problem may be, Your love is big enough to care and hear and see and take action on our behalf!

So we thank You for our problems, Lord, and for our pain, both physical and emotional. We admit that we don’t like them at all, but we ask that You please forgive us for feeling sorry for ourselves sometimes and for living in the frustration of not being able to solve the problems instead of bringing them directly to You. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by them, but that’s why we bring them to You today; we know that

NO problem on this earth overwhelms You!

So, we surrender our seemingly unsolvable problems to You, for there is no problem too hard for You to solve! We acknowledge that You are able to heal us and help us! But, even as we surrender them, Lord, we do so with no strings attached. We surrender to You the strings that we’ve been hiding as well.

We trust You that You care about us even if You tell us to wait on the help that we would like to see right now! We praise You, for we believe that You have our best interests at heart and that You know what is best for us!

Father, forgive us for our prideful moments when we basically have wanted to order You around, thinking that somehow You must not really care, wanting You to do it our way.

You are God, and we are not!

You really do care, Lord!  We believe it!

May Your will, not ours, be done, Lord.

In Jesus’ name we pray,



12 thoughts on “Worship with me #65

  1. I love this blog!
    Father God, as the problems in life start to crumble around the young and the old in my life, I thank you that you are always faithful. Let me remember this and, more important than my remembrance, remind those I love how many times you have been faithful to them. Put a shield of faith around me to prevent the bitter from gnawing on my heart. Protect me from fear for my family (F-false E-evidence A-appearing R-real) that wants to devour me and prevent me from hearing your Holy truth. You are my rock and my foundation and I stand on you. In the name of Jesus. Amen!

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  2. Amen! Not my will, but YOURS be done, Dear Lord.

    Thank you for these beautiful reminders and this precious prayer. And thank you for the reminder that sometimes we even hide the strings from ourselves. But HE sees, and He so graciously waits for our full surrender. Blessings to you, Dear Ruth.

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