Absolute Truth

For quite some time a movement has been afoot pushing the ideology that there is NO absolute truth.  They have been pushing it in our high schools and colleges as truth (huh? Isn’t there something wrong with this picture?), and a lot of young people just soak it up and don’t even think to challenge it.

But just think about it.  Pick this apart to see what it’s made of.

If there is no absolute truth, then one who adamantly believes and insists that there is no absolute truth has a HUGE chance of being wrong!! 

If there is no absolute truth, one cannot be ABSOLUTELY SURE that there is no absolute truth!

If someone says,

“There is no absolute truth,”

I can say,

“Are you absolutely sure about that?  Because that statement cannot be absolutely true if there is no absolute truth.”

Think about it!

But if there IS absolute truth, then a belief CAN possibly be absolutely true.

Really, this is not a new struggle.

In the Garden of Eden, the serpent was already challenging God’s word, causing the Garden’s inhabitants to doubt.  Blinded by the lies, they disobeyed God.

His methods have not changed a lot over the millennia.

Hopefully we will see the lie for what it is and go on to believe the absolute truth of God’s Word!

God’s Word has stood up to the test of time.

  • People have tried to destroy it.
  • They have burned Bibles and killed believers, and yet the truth of God continues on BECAUSE IT IS THE TRUTH!

Think about it!




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