Day 9 of 365 – Thanks and a story

The other day I was out in the garden pulling weeds without gloves, and, of course, my hands got dirty. I was so glad to just have soap and running water to wash my hands and get nice and clean.

I wonder how often we think to be thankful for soap and water? But, you guessed it! That’s what I’m thankful for today! 😊

It reminds me of the time my two youngest were 6 and 4 years old, and we went to France. On a beautiful, somewhat rainy day in the country, we went for a walk, and the kids were thrilled to play with a bunch of slugs that came out onto the path! I knew we would have some heavy clean-up duty when we got back to my cousin’s house.

For those of you who have managed never to have to wash off slug slime, soap doesn’t work! We had to use baking soda to cut through that mess! So I guess I need to add baking soda to that list of things I’m thankful for! 😁

Have a happy, thankful day!

Do you have any soap and water stories you’d like to share?

4 thoughts on “Day 9 of 365 – Thanks and a story

  1. I went on two mission trips to the highlands of Guatemala. Many of the villages had no clean water at that time. The women washed clothes and themselves in the same water they drank and cooked with. Up river cattle wandered into the river. The only liquid we could drink was bottled and sometimes only Coke or Pepsi. Showers were freezing cold. I have always been very thankful for clean – and hot – water ever since.

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