Day 17 – Thankful to be Able to Read

I have been reading pretty much every day for so many years that I barely remember a time when I could not read.

I’m told reading is a privilege that many people in the world do not have.

My life would be very different had I never learned to read.

So, yes, today I am thankful to be able to read!

If you’re reading this, you also have had this privilege!

I’m especially glad to be able to read my Bible for myself!

I also have happy memories of reading to my children.

What about you? Have you, like me, sometimes taken the ability to read for granted? What things are you glad you can read?

I’m glad you stopped by to remember with me to be thankful for this privilege today!

6 thoughts on “Day 17 – Thankful to be Able to Read

  1. We are not only receivers of such a great gift, but we are stewards as well. How are we using our ability to read? Are we reading Scripture and Christ-centered literature? Are we wasting the time given us by reading fluff, meaningless junk that clutters up our minds with trivia? Or are we even reading things that the enemies of God have written to deceive His people?
    My aunt’s mother lived her last years in a nursing home, frail and confined to a wheelchair. But every time I saw her, she glowed with joy and gratitude. The blessing she mentioned the most was being able to read. Every week the book cart would come through, and she would return the seven books she had read the week before and get seven more. She read more than one book a day, though. Her neighbor across the hall was also an avid reader. They would exchange books and get together regularly to talk about what they had read. “Gam” was such an inspiration, and when I am about to complain about something, I only have to think of her and how grateful she was to be able to see through those thick lenses, and my problems become nothing.

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    1. Yes, Ann, you’re right that we should be good stewards with this gift, and every gift God gives us! Thanks for the reminder!
      Your great aunt sounds like a wonderful woman! What great memories you have of her, and what a great legacy she left you! Thanks for sharing with us her joyous example! Such a great example to follow! 😊


    1. Being able to read opens up so many possibilities! That’s great that you have been instrumental in helping many others be able to become better readers!
      I agree; it’s so wonderful to be able to read the Bible ourselves! God bless you, sister! πŸ™‚


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