Day 18 – Sleeping in

This morning my alarm went off at 10:30. a.m. I have it set for 10:30 every Saturday just in case I sleep too late even though I have important things to do.

I got up, turned off the alarm, and upon learning that my husband had only been up for 10 minutes and my daughter was still asleep, I grabbed my glasses and phone and went back to bed. I had nothing urgent on my schedule.

Notice, this is not a common occurrence.

I’ve been really tired for about 3 days, probably fighting off a cold. And today has been rainy and dark all day. As it turns out, my daughter slept till 3 in the afternoon.

What a great day just to rest!

I wouldn’t want to be this tired every day. (I’ve done the chronic fatigue thing, and it’s hard. But that’s for another day.)

Today I am thankful for the rare day in which the whole family is unified in a decision just to rest.

It’s funny, we don’t think about being thankful for such a thing. It’s not like we take pictures and post them on Instagram: “Day to be remembered! We got some rest!” (You can imagine: bathrobes and disheveled hair, know what I mean?)

We don’t look back through our old photos and fondly say, “Oh, look! I remember this! It was that rainy day when we got to sleep in and get some rest!” 😂😂😂

Well, even with no photos, I’m thankful for this restful day, as well as all the others that I don’t remember! 😁

I’m also thankful for days of activity that lead to the need for rest.

How about you? Are you thankful for peaceful days of rest, no matter how or why they come? When is the last time you had such a day? Have you experienced the inner rest that comes with surrender to God?


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