Day 20 – Thankful for deeper bonding in trying times

As I mentioned this summer in this post, my youngest daughter and I have been going through the process of trying to get a diagnosis for the conglomerate of unpleasant symptoms that she has been suffering.

This Thursday we get to go see a geneticist.

In filling out the forms, I’ve had to contact family members that we haven’t seen for a while due to our living in different states.

Interestingly, these conversations have been bonding times, as family members share our concern for our daughter’s health.

My daughter and I have also grown closer as she feels more understood as I come to a better understanding of the actual scope of what she’s been going through.

So, today, despite the trials we have been going through, I am thankful for opportunities to bond and trust God together.

Sometimes in life we bond through joy and fun times, but it has been my experience that trusting God together through the trying times creates an even deeper bond.

How about you? Have you ever experienced deeper bonding with people over trials and tragedies of life? How has trusting God together in community helped you? Are you thankful for it?


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