Day 22 – Thankful for Bread

When I was a kid, I loved to eat bread. Biscuits with butter and jam were among my favorites to eat!

And, I remember when I was probably a teenager, that we would eat cinnamon toast with fruit cocktail for supper every single Sunday evening.

I loved it!

We had it down to assembly line precision. One person makes the toast, one person butters it, and one person sprinkles the cinnamon sugar on it.

These are some of the good memories from my childhood.

Then, at age 17, I started having some health problems. After just living with it for a number of years and then suffering five years of myalgia and extreme chronic fatigue, my prayer for God to please help me and deliver me from what I had been suffering was answered! In 2006 God helped me discover that eating gluten-free made me feel amazingly better!

So, I had a choice:

  • biscuits with butter and jelly, cinnamon rolls and toast, etc.?
  • Or feel well!

It was a difficult change, but I chose to feel well.

I hated not feeling well, and especially when there was no end in sight.

I never want to go back to that terrible state of health. So, for me, when I found the solution, it was not just a possible choice, it was the only choice.

It was, and still is, a matter of being able to serve God and others, or of having to be served by others.

Today, I’m still thankful for bread, even though I have to eat the gluten-free kind, and even though I don’t eat that very often.

A piece of sliced, gluten-free bread taken from the freezer and microwaved for 30 seconds with gluten-free, dairy-free buttery spread and fruit spread has become a new blissful experience for me! Yum! 😄

Here’s the kind of bread I had today:

With this:

What about you? Are you thankful for bread? What special memories do you have connected to bread-like products? Do you have to eat bread substitutes for health reasons? Are you thankful for them even if they don’t taste the same?

God bless you as you lift up to Him a thankful heart! ❤


16 thoughts on “Day 22 – Thankful for Bread

  1. That fruit spread looks yummy!
    As for bread stories, I remember as a child my dad and I would walk by the bakery every Friday evening and we would stop and get a loaf of hard dough bread (similar to America’s sourdough but way better). By the time we got home, the bread was still warm and we would lather that in some butter…..giiiirrrrrllllll, nothing comes close, well, except the bread of life…Jesus! 🙌🏽

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    1. That sounds like so much fun, the anticipation as a little girl of going to the bakery with dad and getting such a yummy treat! 😋 Warm, fresh bread is the best!
      Of course, as you said, nothing compares to Jesus, the Bread of life who satisfies our souls! He is the Giver of the gift of bread! And since He is better than the best fresh bread, we know He is amazingly wonderful!

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  2. Oh yes, I have to choose the same! And I am thankful for the gluten free and dairy free products that are available today. Many years ago when our oldest son had difficulties with wheat, there was nothing available to buy, so it was all “From scratch” back then. I’m so grateful for more access to things today!

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    1. Yes, for sure! From scratch usually tastes better, but it’s a lot more work and planning. Even in 2006 there wasn’t a huge selection of gluten-free dairy-free stuff. I ate the same breakfast cereal for an entire year till I never wanted to eat it again! Things have definitely gotten easier to find and better tasting! 😊

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  3. I used to really enjoy multi-grain bread with butter on one piece and jam on the other. Now, because I only have one kidney and because I had a stroke, I have to eat white bread that is low in sodium. I can still have a light coating of margarine and jam with no sugar added. I’m blessed to be alive, so changing my diet radically is just something I have to do so I can see my children and grandchildren for as long as possible.

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  4. Good for you for choosing to feel good! I am not gluten intolerant, but I do have osteoarthritis which includes chronic pain. I find sugar (mostly corn syrup) causes the inflammation to be worse. Since corn syrup is in so many foods we eat I try to keep a clean diet of fruits, veggies, and proteins, or purchase foods made with sugar over corn syrup. We (our world) have trashed our foods with so many additives; now our bodies are paying for it. I long for the day when Jesus sets this right again for all of us! Glad you know and choose what makes you feel good!

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    1. I knew corn syrup was bad, but I didn’t realize it was worse than sugar at causing inflammation. I’ll have to keep that in mind. I don’t eat a lot of processed foods either, but I don’t always choose well; sometimes I get a craving for something and give in, as long as it does NOT contain gluten. That’s where I draw the line. Yes, clean, natural foods are the best!

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  5. Hi I was referred to this blog by the previous blog regarding being thankful for diagnosis. I am aware of the struggles with health as my has a brain infection and I have chemical/mold sensitivity. It’s a long and complicated story. I am glad that you were able to find a way to put some of your symptoms at ease. Blessings!

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    1. Who is it that has a brain infection? That sounds serious! 😲 Prayers for healing.
      Yes, chemical sensitivities are no fun, and I’m sure mold sensitivities would be bad, too. What happens when you are exposed to these things? I get almost an instant headache around certain perfumes unless I get fresh air right away, and I don’t do well around other chemicals either. Yes, every little bit helps, and it turns out gluten was a BIG bit for me! ☺
      Blessings to you, too, sister! 😊


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