Day 47 – Thankful for Kettles and Aloe Vera!

Hot water in a steaming kettle on the stove holds a bit of nostalgia for me.

I still remember the old kettle that my mom used to heat water for her cup of instant coffee and for Dad’s hot tea before I was old enough to be drinking either one. She used that kettle for so many years that the minerals from the water built up in a thick layer in the bottom and would chip off and rattle around when Mom carried it to the table.

I can’t remember if I was a teenager or maybe a little older when I decided to buy Mom a new stainless steel kettle. She used that one for years, as well, every day until almost a year ago, when she and Dad moved in with my sister and her family.

One day, after they were gone, I went over to their house to do some work and found the kettle outside under the deck, caked in black soot. Long story short, it took a lot of scrubbing and scraping to restore it, and now it sits on my stove and gets used almost every day.

So, it’s not like I don’t know that the kettle might be hot! 😏

Last night I made my third cup of tea for the day, then started washing countertops. The back panel of the stove was splattered, so I gave it a wipe down — too far down, unfortunately! 😜

My arm brushed up against the hot kettle, and then I was running for the freezer where I used to keep frozen aloe vera. Frozen corn tortillas had to do; they helped, but when I put them away, the burn was still burning!

Praise God that the commercial aloe vera gel that we have for sunburn was where it belonged! It works great! My arm stopped burning almost immediately after I applied it to the burn! It’s all but disappeared today and is no longer painful!

Today I’m thankful for Mom’s restored, quality kettle and for the amazing healing gel of the Aloe Vera plant!

God is so good to us! Let’s keep thanking Him and praising Him every day, shall we?

What about you? Do you still use a kettle, even in this modern age where Keurigs and such are so widely used? Have you discovered the healing properties of aloe vera or other plant based healing ointments?


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