Thankful for the Teacher(s) – Day 49

“He leads the humble in justice, And He teaches the humble His way.” Psalm 25:9 NASB

Notice it says that He teaches the humble His way, as opposed to the proud. Is it because He does not want to teach the proud? Or is it because the proud will not listen?

I know, as a teacher, I love all the students, but I especially enjoy teaching children and adults who want to learn!

The ones who do not want to learn don’t tend to listen. They don’t even seem to try. (Note: I’m not talking here about those who have a disability.) Many students seem to have a preexisting notion that they do not want to know this subject matter, that it doesn’t interest them, that it is not relevant to their lives. (Of course, I kind of felt that way about algebra, but I tried hard anyway because getting a good grade was relevant too my life!)

Those who do not want to learn have a strong tendency to turn their attention elsewhere.

So I believe that in the above verse, God teaches the humble his way because the humble listen and want to learn His way.

He loves the proud and wants to teach them, but He does not teach them His way because the proud do not want to listen or learn His way. It is not because He does not want to teach them.

In John 14:26 Jesus calls the Holy Spirit our “Teacher”. Then, in Ephesians 4:30 Paul writes:

And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God…”

This verse is sandwiched between verses that specify things that we do that grieve the Spirit, our Teacher:

  • Lying,
  • Stewing in anger,
  • Stealing,
  • Speaking unwholesome words,
  • Being bitter,
  • Yelling and screaming angrily,
  • Slander,
  • Wanting to hurt someone.

None of these can be done with a humble heart.

All are done in pride and self-centeredness.

None of these posture, any us to be taught by the Lord.

All of these grieve our Teacher and need to be repented of to come back to that state of humility that pleases our Teacher.

He doesn’t want our apples.

He wants our humble heart and our listening ears.

So, it’s time to stop getting distracted and get back on task in the classroom and the work of the Lord!

Today I am thankful for good teachers that love all their students and do all they can to teach them.

I’m also thankful that God is the best teacher of all and that He brings circumstances into our lives to help us learn humility and desire to be taught by Him.

(P.S. WordPress app has been randomly turning off my comment section.  Just so you’ll know, I don’t turn off my comments.  I truly want to hear from you.  If you notice that comments are off on a post, would you be so kind as to let me know in a comment on another post?  Thank you in advance!  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  🙂 )


17 thoughts on “Thankful for the Teacher(s) – Day 49

            1. Something I’ve learned and continue to learn is that management of the classroom is HUGE in enabling the students to learn and thrive. That is definitely true when there’s only one of me and three things to teach at once. 😅


  1. I teach English for moms at the school where their children go. The moms made a Thanksgiving card for me thanking me for being patient with them, teaching them etc. I knew it came from their hearts. Thanking a teacher means so much to the teacher.

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