Day 61 – Thankful for Choirs and orchestras

For those of you who just read Day 60, you may be wondering what’s the difference between being thankful for choirs and orchestras and being thankful for for musicians and their instruments.

It is very closely related, I admit. But the first comment on that post got me to thinking about how there are also conductors who lead and make sure that all the musicians keep on track.

And, it also got me thinking about how, when I’m enjoying a concert, I don’t want the music to end. But when I’m singing in a concert, my voice decides that enough is enough!

I was thinking that it would be wonderful to sing in a heavenly choir, where the music never stops, the Lord is our choir director, our voices never give out, and the instruments never wear out!

I was commenting to one of the singers in the concert my husband and I went to last night (whom we know), that the only downside was that it had to end. I would have liked to hear all of those songs over and over again. CD’s are nice and can record the music in a beautiful way, but they cannot duplicate the whole experience of being in the room and seeing the expressions on the faces of the musicians as they sing or play their instruments with joy.

So, today I’m thankful for choirs and orchestras, their conductors, all the members, and that someday we’ll have the opportunity to hear amazing music to our heart’s delight! I’m thankful that some day our voices will no longer give out and our joy and peace will never end!


4 thoughts on “Day 61 – Thankful for Choirs and orchestras

  1. I am also thankful for praise music and songs that glorify the Lord. I can’t go to concerts any more because I am hypersensitive to noise, but I still enjoy listening to the music in my car and at home.

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