Day 76 – Thankful for the joy of giving gifts, family time, good movies, and beautiful, unseasonal weather

I’m a little bit behind on these posts, but perhaps you all have been as busy as I have and haven’t missed them too much.  This one is from Christmas day.

Our core family of four got up, had breakfast and opened a few gifts.  Then, my son went into the kitchen and started cooking all the things that we had prepped the night before.  He ended up going so fast at it that I barely had to do any cooking!  And, he did a great job!

Next, my other son came with his wife and son.  We opened a few more presents and then ate together.  We had a good time of conversation!

It seems like we always have sunshine on Christmas day, but this time we actually had unseasonably warm weather to go with it!  So, my son and grandson went out and did some baseball pitching and batting practice, and my daughter-in-law and I went out to watch.

When they left, I had a little spell of the blues, not because we had a bad day, but because there were some people missing.

I think my daughter was feeling it also, so we went and rented a cute dog movie from Redbox and watched it together.  It was called “A Dog’s Way Home”.  We both enjoyed watching it together, and somewhere along the way, the blues lifted and went away!

So, today I’m thankful for the joy of giving gifts, for family time, for beautiful, unseasonal weather, and for good movies that help lift the blues!

How about you?  How was your Christmas day?  Did you spend it with family?  Was there anyone that you missed? Have you ever watched “A Dog’s Way Home”?



One thought on “Day 76 – Thankful for the joy of giving gifts, family time, good movies, and beautiful, unseasonal weather

  1. Good to hear you were thankful for these simple blessings!! I heard about that movie from my niece but never watched it though. I don’t watch movies again by the way. Although we don’t celebrate Christmas again I was thankful to be home with my family and giving back to the community that day. Blessings and peace to you.:) Hope you’re doing well!


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