Day 77 – Thankful for a hard-working faithful husband

My husband and I have been married for 20 years. He has always been a hardworking, faithful husband.

I have never heard my husband call his boss and lie in order not to have to go in to work. When he calls in sick, he is really sick!

There were a few times when, as a contractor, he no longer had a job and had to find a different one. Even then, he did not just sit around and bemoan his unfavorable lot.

I find it interesting that we ask God for such things as a job when we need one, then after awhile we stop remembering to be thankful for His provision.

After my husband had lost his job at least once, my own attitude about that started changing. One day he told me that he had to go to work, and I mentioned that maybe it would be better to say that he gets to go to work. Since that time, he has very often told me that he gets to go to work!

Being human, there are still times that I start taking him and his hard work for granted, so I’m remembering today to be more intentional to remember and let him know how much I appreciate him.

Today, I’m thankful for my hardworking, faithful husband and for the job that God has given him!

How about you? Do you ever take a job or a family member for granted? With the new year around the corner, what changes can you make to do better?


18 thoughts on “Day 77 – Thankful for a hard-working faithful husband

  1. I must admit that I’m not very hard working, but my wife certainly is. We’re like the Proverbs 31 couple- she’s industrious while I sit with the elders at the gates! I don’t like making resolutions because they’re made to be broken, but I hope to step up as a husband and the head of our house in 2020, God willing (which I’m sure He is, unless Jesus returns first!).

    Thanks for the post! πŸ™‚

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    1. The important thing is to draw near to God and to serve Him diligently in the way that He calls us to, using the talents He gives us. 2 Timothy 2:15

      May the Lord lead you as a couple and bless you daily with love for Him and each other. May He bless you both with wisdom and strength to follow and serve Him for His glory!

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