Day 79 – Thankful for the heroes in my life

On New Year’s Eve morning I dropped off my two teens at the theater to watch Frozen 2 with a couple of friends. When I got home, I set an alarm so I would go pick them up at the right time.

When the alarm went off, I put on my coat, picked up my purse and a pair of leg warmers, thinking I’d put them on in the car, and went out, locking the door behind me.

I tried to get in the car, but I suddenly realized that I was locked out of both the car and the house!!

I had absentmindedly forgotten to bring the key with me!

The bad news is that there was a cold wind blowing.

The good news is that I had my cell phone with me so I could call a couple of heroes to rescue me.

My friend, who is the mom of one of my kids’ friends, picked up the teens at the theater for me, while my husband left work to come home and let me back in the house. He was very kind about it, even though it made him have to stay late at work on New Year’s Eve.

To answer your unspoken question, it took 20 minutes for my husband to arrive. I put on the leg warmers and the gloves from my pockets, snapped the hood of my coat, and huddled, kneeling, between the screen door and the inner door that was locked, on the extra material of my infinity scarf. Thanks be to God, I was able to keep just warm enough until my husband arrived!

boy child clouds kid
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Was I glad to see him!!

It was so good to get into the warmth of the house again!

Today I am thankful for my husband and my friend who love me enough to be my heroes!

I’m also thankful that God is my Hero! He is always with me!

He is always ready to be my Hero, before I even call!

How about you? Do you have people you can count on to rescue you in a pinch? Have you ever experienced God as your Hero when no human heroes were there for you? Do you make yourself available to be someone else’s hero if they need you?


6 thoughts on “Day 79 – Thankful for the heroes in my life

  1. I have been blessed with many heroes who have entered my life at the perfect timing. For this, I think God is the ultimate hero as he provides what a person needs at the right time. I am convinced God will always place the right people in one’s life. I can only hope that I can be a hero to others.

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    1. What a blessing to have had all those heroes! Yes, for sure, God is our ultimate Hero! He is the One who sends people into our lives to be our heroes, too.
      I’m sure you can! It takes the love of God in your heart which casts out fear and willingness to make yourself available to obey God when the moment of someone’s need arises. If you walk with God in His truth, you will be a hero many times over! 😊

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  2. I’m so thankful for the key box on our back door! I’ve gotten out the house several times and realized I left car keys or house key inside the locked house. The first time I was heading out to pick up a friend for our small group meeting. I tried the combination for the key box, not realizing I tried to open it wrong; I proceeded to try three other combinations that didn’t work after calling hubby and not getting him, calling son who didn’t know the combination. Finally called my friend and she backtracked to my house and drove me to the meeting 😁 my husband got back to me with the right #, which I’d tried the 1st time, but hadn’t worked becati tried to open the box incorrectly. Another adventure in following the Lord and allowing him to humble me, learning to trust and not worry☺️

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    1. I’m glad the Lord had someone to rescue you, as well! Yes, those stories always seem more funny once there is a solution and relief and gratitude come in with a flood! Thanks for sharing yours! Yes, praise God for giving us lessons in humility and trust! 😊


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