Day 83 – Thankful for wholesome movies to watch with children

This evening my husband and youngest son decided to play Minecraft together, so I asked my daughter if she wanted to watch a movie.  We didn’t want to watch one that we’ve already seen, so I looked at the selection to rent at Redbox.

It’s really hard to find movies that don’t somehow make me feel like I’ve polluted my mind, so I was really glad to have found one this evening!

The movie we chose is one that I believe would be helpful to many dads, if they will just watch it.  Perhaps they might watch it with younger children….  It definitely is not a thriller, but it has a lovely message!

So, maybe you’re wondering what the name of the movie is?  Please hear me out if this is not your kind of movie:  “Christopher Robin”!

What I liked about the movie was the message that I saw portrayed.

It is so easy for parents to get so focused on their job that they don’t spend the time with their spouse and children like they should.  I could relate to having a father who was constantly working.

A lot of men see this as a positive thing.  And, of course, being hardworking is a positive thing.  However, I believe that working so much that you no longer spend time with your spouse or child is NOT a positive thing.

In the movie, Christopher has lost all of his wonder and joy in life.  He doesn’t know how to love anymore.  He is enslaved, in a sense, to a boss and a job that he no longer really likes.  He finds himself being threatened with the unemployment of his entire department if he doesn’t come up with what appears to be an impossible solution.

Instead of telling his wife what is bugging him, he tries to shoulder the entire burden alone and remains aloof and uncommunicative.  Guys, this is marriage 101, a big no no!

You can’t be a hero of your family if you push your family away.

Anyway, while the whole Winnie the Pooh gang puppet characters may have been a little bit on the silly side, the lessons that they teach Christopher, in order to bring him back to being who he really should be, are excellent.

Like many of us, he has been taught a bunch of lies about what it means to be an adult, a man, a husband, a father, and he has swallowed it and been held in bondage by it.  Lies hold us in bondage.  Truth sets us free.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  John 8:32

We may not have Winnie the Pooh to come and remind us of what’s really important, but we have God’s word on marriage and family and plenty of good books on marriage and family to read and put into practice.  God does not want us to try to find our way alone.

Today I’m thankful to be able still to find and watch movies that are wholesome.  I’m thankful to have been able to watch this one with my daughter. I’m thankful to be reminded, once again, that the truth will set you free!

What about you?  What are some wholesome movies that you’ve seen with a good message?





14 thoughts on “Day 83 – Thankful for wholesome movies to watch with children

  1. I’m thankful for wholesome movies too. One that comes to mind is “Mary Poppins.”

    I like your reminder, we cannot help our families if we push them away.

    Blessings to you, Ruth and a very happy and merry 2020. May the Lord continue to give you many more reasons to be thankful. 🙏🏽

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  2. I loved that movie! When I have little ones around, I try to keep the TV off or putting it on the Hallmark channel because even the kid’s shows aren’t so g-rated. Now my grandkids come with electronics in tow and I hardly get to read to them anymore and grandma’s not so exciting. I limit or ban the devices long enough to spend some time with them if grandpa’s not home to give them free reign in electronics. It’s so good to have some decent movies coming out recently, Lord, keep it up!

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    1. Yes, it really was a good movie! I can’t remember for sure why we didn’t watch it sooner.
      Yes, we still have a bunch of good, clean kids’ movies from when my kids were younger. My granddaughter recently watched one with me, but the boys come with their devices and play till the battery dies.
      Yes, praise the Lord!


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