Day 86 – Thankful for lessons from tea and that God gives strength to try again

I like to drink tea. Over the years I’ve had several favorites. My loved ones know how much I love tea and sometimes will gift me with specialty varieties or with several boxes of new varieties that they think I might like. At present, I have about 15 different types of tea in my cabinet, even though I usually only drink 5 of them on a daily basis.

Sometimes I put the tea bags in my cup while I’m waiting for the water to boil. Then, when the water boils, I somehow get distracted and don’t pour the water.

Did you ever notice how tea bags don’t make tea unless they are soaked in water?

And, even though you can infuse tea in room temperature water, that takes quite a while! The tea is made so much faster when the water is piping hot!

This got me thinking about how we often don’t act on our good intentions in other areas of our lives, as well.

The intentions sit there in the cup, so to speak, and no hot water gets poured on them, and the tea does not get made.

  • No effort to exercise deprives us of the “tea” of strength, energy, vitality, and even strong bones and healthy organs.
  • No effort to eat healthy food deprives us of the vitamins and minerals that every cell in our bodies need to carry out their functions.
  • No effort to give to that charity or help the needy around us deprive us of treasures that only God knows that He wanted to bestow on us.
  • No effort to read God’s word and obey it deprives us of that super-close relationship with God and leaves us open to believing lies instead.

Perhaps some of you have made New Year’s resolutions and already given up because you failed. Let me encourage you to get up, brush yourself off, and try again.

Put on the hot water and go make the tea!

Work hard to show the results of your salvation, obeying God with deep reverence and fear. For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.” Philippians 2:12b,13 NLT

Today, I’m thankful for these lessons from tea! I’m thankful that God gives me the desire and the strength to get up and try again!

How about you? What are some other intentions that might need some effort exerted to make something good happen? Do you need to get up and try again on some good intention you’ve gotten distracted from?


11 thoughts on “Day 86 – Thankful for lessons from tea and that God gives strength to try again

  1. I LOVE this, Ruth!!! Amazing how the Lord uses any and everything in life to illustrate lessons. I like trying new teas, too! I like citrus, fruit and floral. I’ll even put a tea bag in my ice water and sip it through the day.

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    1. Thank you! I’m so glad! Yes, He sure does!!! Yay! High five, fellow tea drinker!! 😀 Have you tried Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger or Raspberry Zinger? They are really good cold! I make them hot and then let them cool off.
      When you put the tea bag in your ice water, how long does it take to infuse, and how many ounces can you get out of one tea bag? I’ve made sun tea, but I’ve never tried infusing in ice water.

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      1. I can use one tea bag for about 16 oz. I can get a faint taste immediately but I’d say within 30 mins you can get a stronger taste. The longer the better of course. I’m not a fan of raspberry, but my husband likes it. Love lemon!!!

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