Day 91 – Thankful for warm walks in the park (photos)

A few days ago after I taught my little Spanish class, I decided to go for a walk at the park instead of going home. The temperature was warm enough that I only wore a quilted vest instead of a coat! Today we are supposed to get ice, so I’m happy to have been able to enjoy the warm sunshine while it lasted.

As I walked around the lake, I reached the place where the fountain is easiest to hear. It was also the perfect time of day to see rainbows as the sun shone through all the water droplets.

Of course, the ducks and geese seemed to be enjoying the day as well.

I love the way the sky, clouds, and trees reflect off the surface of the lake!

And I love to walk up close to this line of pine trees and smell that fresh pine scent! I also love that they keep their green color even when so many other things turn brown.

Did you ever notice how thankfulness warms the soul? Even in the winter of the soul, thankfulness makes the sun come out and cast reflections of the heavenly in our hearts!

Today I’m thankful for warm sunshiny days and warm walks in the park in the middle of the winter!

What about you? Do you like to go for walks in nature? Do you enjoy being by waterways on warm days and seeing the reflections on the surface of the water? What wildlife do you get to enjoy where you live?


36 thoughts on “Day 91 – Thankful for warm walks in the park (photos)

  1. Oh so beautiful! I see and smell the beauty/pines through each photo of His living art pieces! YES! I love nature walks a lot! From where I live I enjoy the tweeting of the birds in trees that surrounds our home, a view of the sea where you get to see the five islands that surround the main island haha, blooming flowers, squirrels feeding, and so much more! Thanks for sharing! โค

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  2. We live where we can walk in the country and the State parks that surround our area. In our own yard we see various birds, deer, a muskrat yesterday. Of course, we also see chipmunk and squirrels, a cat and skunk. We hear coyotes some nights too. I love the magnificent cloud formations and amazing stars at night after beautiful sunsets. We’re inside today enjoying the snow storm decorating the screens on our windows ๐Ÿ˜ God’s creation is a blessing when we take time to look!

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