Day 92 – Thankful God helps with decluttering of heart and home

Yesterday morning I went to the Dollar Store. It was a different one than I usually go to, but it was convenient in relation to where I was at the time.

I had several things on my list that were available at that store, so I got a cart. The problem was that whoever was supposed to be stocking shelves appeared to be non-existent. So there were very large carts, numerous very large carts, of boxes and things to be stocked that were in the aisles. Some of them were so much in the way that I could not get through with the cart.

I admit to having been a bit annoyed. The part of my personality that wants to fix things was making me want to see that this problem be put right!

But God had a lesson to teach me, and yes, I’ll share it with you, too! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Later in the day, I was in another public place that had a bit of a problem with cleanliness. That’s when the Lord spoke to me about the clutter in my own heart (not to mention my house! Oh wait, I just did! ๐Ÿ˜‚)

God’s Spirit lives in my heart.

You might say He “walks up and down the aisles” of my heart, figuratively speaking, and I keep on leaving whole carts full of stuff in the way that either need to be put away or gotten rid of.

It was not my job to fix the problem at the store. But it is my job to ask God to help me decide what to do with all this stuff that grieves Him, that keeps Him from stocking the shelves with amazing things like joy, love, and peace!

He wants to clean up the stuff that blocks Him from using me in the ways He wants to.

But I have to be willing and ask Him to do so.

I can’t keep clinging to those things like a hoarder.

When He picks up an item in my heart and asks, “Can we get rid of this?” I need to say, “Yes, Daddy,” and hug HIM instead of that plastic monster or the old, broken, dirty, bedraggled things that need to hit the trash.ย  I need to choose HIM over even the unbroken things that need to find a new home elsewhere.

Today, I’m thankful that God is willing and able to help me declutter both my house and my heart! I’m thankful that He is patient with me and knows just what to do with everything I surrender to Him; I’m also thankful that He has such amazing things to stock the shelves with!

I Surrender!

What about you?ย  Do you have clutter in your heart, maybe worries, unforgiveness, or even good things that you put first instead of putting God first in everything?ย  Aren’t you glad that God doesn’t get mad and yell at you to clean up the mess?ย  But isn’t today a good day to ask Him to help you know what to surrender to Him for cleansing?ย  Do you think He is worth it?

Photo by Guilherme Rossi (pexels)


14 thoughts on “Day 92 – Thankful God helps with decluttering of heart and home

    1. I wasn’t sure about that wording, so I’m glad it spoke to you!
      We definitely need to let Him have free reign in our hearts and not close off any part of our hearts as “off limits” to God.
      I’ve gotten away from the daily decluttering, which is why I needed this lesson. Clutter builds up if we don’t keep on top of it.
      Praise God that you’ve got this wonderful habit! Way to go! Keep it up!

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  1. Amen!!! So true and well written. I go to Him everyday and tell Him to purge my heart of the junk that doesn’t bring Him glory. And He does help us. It’s an ongoing process that doesn’t happen overnight. But with time, the Holy Spirit and honesty it is removed and released. Blessings & strength! โค thankful to God for you and this challenge you have taken up!

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    1. Thank you; glory to God! Yes, it’s impossible to live a perfect life; we need to be forgiven of something or other every day, sometimes multiple times per day. That’s why, if we don’t confess to God, it starts to pile up in our hearts.
      Yes, confession requires that we be honest with God and with ourselves, and sometimes with others if we’ve offended them.
      Thank you, and blessings and strength to you, as well! โค
      God is good!
      I’m a few days behind on these, but hopefully I’ll get caught up soon.

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    1. Yes! This reminds me of the little kids book, “Stellaluna”. Did you ever read it? It’s about a little bat that gets raised by a bird. Sitting in the nest instead of hanging by her feet, sleeping at night instead of by day, and eating bugs instead of fruit all served her for survival. But there came a time when she found the freedom of becoming who she was supposed to be! OUT with the bugs, the sleep habits that were not right for her, and sitting or hanging upside down! Those were for the birds!! LOL ๐Ÿ˜€


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