Day 98 – Thankful for new tires and second chances!

In June 2018 God blessed me with a new car.  I really liked the old car; it fit like a glove, and I was comfortable with it.  I wrote about that Here!

The tire maintenance light came on longer ago than I’d like to admit, and I put off taking the car in to the shop.  I remembered that they had told me last time I had it in that I was near to needing new tires.

A few days ago the temperature dropped into the teens Fahrenheit, and the tire pressure in my two rear tires dropped to 26 PSI.  When I told my husband about it, he told me to go ahead and take it in, and he would pay for the tires!  Yay!

So, I did!  Thank you, Sweetie!  😀

When I drove the car home from the shop, I could almost immediately tell the difference!  The car drove so smoothly!  I hadn’t even realized that it wasn’t driving smoothly until it was!

It’s strange how that works.

We do that same drift in our relationships with God and others. 

We don’t intentionally remember how good it used to be, so we don’t have that original in mind to measure how it has now become. 

Sometimes we need to stop and start over! 

We need to wipe the slate clean, forgive and be forgiven, and walk out renewed, restored, and full of joy in doing it God’s way!

Today, I’m thankful for new tires and for the opportunities to stop and start over in relationships with God and our fellow sojourners on this earth.

What about you?  Have you ever had an experience like this before?  What are some new things that have helped your life go more smoothly?  Do you need a stop-and-start over in some relationship?  Let today be the day!  Surrender to God and do it His way!  You’ll be so glad you did!

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