Day 103 – Thankful for Microplush clothes and blankets

A couple of years ago a friend of mine gave me my first luxuriously microplush blanket. I loved it! It was so soft.

Something about it made it not only soft, but also very warm. That didn’t work so well for summer time, but it’s wonderful for cold weather!

When my cousin from France visited us in September, God told me to give him that blanket. Sigh. I obeyed the Lord’s voice, and gave him the blanket. I figured I’d eventually be able to replace it with another one similar to it.

I looked in clearance and have checked the thrift shop several times.

So far, I haven’t found the replacement that I’m looking for. But, I have found a micro plush robe, two exact same pairs of pajamas so my daughter and I can be twins,

and a thinner version of the microplush blanket that’s purple with unicorns!

Hey, I’m not exactly into unicorns, but it’s kind of cute and amazingly warm! And it’s so nice to use as a lap blanket in the car when I go out in the cold.

So far I have two people who have asked me to give it to them! As soon as I find another one to replace it, I will give it away.

Today I’m thankful for super soft, microplush, warm blankets and clothing. I’m thankful that they have seriously cut out that bone-deep chill that I normally feel in the winter.

Today I’m thanking God for this special blessing! I’m thankful that He is my warm, soft place to run and stay in this cold, impersonal world.

What about you? Do you wear any clothing that is luxuriously microplush? Does the weather ever get cold enough where you live for you to enjoy such a thing? Have you yet to discover this blessing?

15 thoughts on “Day 103 – Thankful for Microplush clothes and blankets

  1. Sorry about the comments being turned off when this first posted. I published from my phone in a hurry and didn’t check to see if the WordPress app had turned off the comments or not. This is a problem that they know about but have not yet been able to fix. I should have checked, but I forgot.

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  2. We have a couple of the fleecy type blankets we call sleep blankets! We use them on the couch and if you cover up with one, you’re soon drifting off! I was also blessed with Cuddle Duds long underwear for Christmas. Yes, it’s cold enough here to enjoy them!

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