Day 112 – Thankful for focus and light

Today was one of those days where a lot of random things happened. For example,

  • the bad news is that my ID expired. The good news is that I was able to get it renewed.
  • The bad news is the medical office called while I was in the middle of the grocery store. The good news is that I got the nurse on the line right away when I called back.
  • The bad news is that the assistant principal fell and broke bones in both her hands the other night. (I just found out today.) The good news is she was able to get the surgery she needs.
  • The bad news is that it’ll take awhile to heal. The good news is that it will heal.
  • The bad news, is that the group that was going to competition in March now will not be able to go. The good news is that two of them do get to go. The others who are not going were not really ready anyway.
  • The bad news is that I was really tired by the time evening came along. The good news is my friend called and made me laugh, and I felt better.
  • The bad news is there was a lot of dirt behind the china cabinet. The good news is I had energy to run the vacuum, and it did a good job cleaning it up.

This evening after all of this randomness of the bad news and good news, I looked out the window, and it was snowing! This was truly unexpected!

(For some reason, the video just couldn’t pick up the beauty that I was actually seeing.)

I noticed that, since it’s night time, the places that I can really see the snow are in the light cast by the street lights.

If I focus on the darkness, I cannot see the beauty of the snow.

If I focus on the light, I see how the snowflakes sparkle as the light shines on them as they fall.

I see the large flakes gently dancing as they fall and the random snowflake that seems to be in a hurry, falling faster than the other flakes.

I could choose to focus on the fact that they all end up in the same place, piled on top of each other on the cold hard ground.

Or, I could focus on the light, the beauty of the sparkling dancers, the peaceful quiet of the night, and the fact that I am warm inside.

It’s so easy to focus on the bad news, to look out at the cold darkness around us and feel a sense of sadness and dread. There’s plenty of bad news out there, and a lot of people are going around doing just that.

God calls us to be different; He calls us to focus on the Light of the world so that we ourselves may be lights shining in the darkness and passing on our light of hope to others.

Darkness cannot overcome light.

Light overcomes darkness.

There is still light, and there is still Beauty!

What we see depends on what we choose to focus on.

Note, I’m NOT saying that we should not weep with those who weep, but rather that we have a powerful Light that we can go to with our petitions for change, with our prayers for rescue and healing.

He Himself is our Hope, our Light, our Peace, our Warmth, our Shelter in a time of storm.

We do ourselves and the world around us a favor when we focus on Him and pray fervently in faith about all the situations that we hear about that threaten to drag us down.

Today, I’m thankful for the ability to focus and for the light and how it shines and makes things beautiful.

I’m thankful that God is the light and that He calls us to look to Him and come to Him that He may give us rest.

I’m thankful that He will renew our expired hope, and pick up the “phone” right away when we call.

I’m thankful that He is able to heal all our brokenness, revive our weary souls, and make us laugh again with joy.

I’m thankful that He is able to find and clean up hidden messes that have collected dust over the years.

He will continue to shine in the darkness and will bring a new day when the long night is over!

What about you? Are you focusing on the light or on the cold darkness? Have you let the bad news around you drag you down? Or have you brought the problems to the Light, to God, who is the only one who can solve them? Do you really believe that He is able?


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