Day 113 – Thankful it’s not worse, Take 2

Yesterday morning my older daughter and I arranged for my granddaughter to come over. She’s the one that I wrote about who makes me laugh. I was looking so forward to spending time with her, as we were going to go skating at the local Roller Rink.

Well, we did go skating.

Unfortunately, I’m not as good at skating anymore as I used to be, and looking back to make sure that she was okay ended up not being such a good idea.

The bad news is that I fell. The good news is that it was at the far end of the rink, so not too many people saw me.

So, I didn’t end up spending a lot of time with my granddaughter, but I was glad to be there so my she and my youngest daughter could have fun.

The manager of the rink was very kind and came to check on me every so often. I really appreciated that, and a few people I know showed their concern and said they would pray for me. I always appreciate people’s prayers.

Today my youngest daughter drove me to the Urgent Care. After a long wait, the provider had X-rays taken. He said that there are no visible fractures, but I have fluid on my elbow, which could indicate a hidden fracture. So, they splinted it and referred me to ortho.

Tonight I’m glad that’s over with! 😁 He he.

I’m so thankful that my daughter was able to drive me around and that we didn’t have any accidents.

I’m thankful for insurance and for those who served us and did their best to help.

I’m also thankful that my daughter and granddaughter had fun skating last night and that no one else got hurt.

And I’m thankful for the kind helpful people at the skating rink and for their prayers.

What about you? Have you ever fallen and had to get a splint? Have you ever been glad something was over? Would you pray that I will be referred to an ortho who will seek the truth of whether my elbow is really broken or not? With my unofficial Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes diagnosis, I’m concerned that it could be dislocated instead and don’t want to be in a cast if I don’t need to be. Thank you in advance for your prayers! ❤

31 thoughts on “Day 113 – Thankful it’s not worse, Take 2

  1. Oh, Ruth, I am so sorry for your fall! But I am also thankful that you are ok. I will surely pray for your treatment now to be covered by God’s direction and protection. May you be able to rest and heal properly now.

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    1. Thank you, Vicklea, for your prayers! So sorry to hear that! I’m glad you didn’t need surgery. Yes, broken bones hurt for a long time! I just posted an update. I have to get another x-ray next week and be referred to sports med instead of ortho.
      Thanks so much for your prayers!

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  2. Ow. 😳 So glad it wasn’t broken but dislocations aren’t fun. I’m glad it’s better! I’ll be praying it heals the rest of the way and no more injuring it! 💕

    Thankfully, I don’t think I’ve ever had a complete dislocation (except for my thumbs and I can do that at will which makes my grip weak but at least it doesn’t hurt much unless it’s forced backward really hard 😬) and I hope I don’t have one. But I’m also sure there will be a day when it may happen. 😅

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    1. Yes, 2nd x-ray also showed no fracture! Yay! I have muscle and tendon strains and sprains from the wrist to the elbow, so it will be a while before it’s completely healed.
      Ouch! Have you ever tried strengthening your hand muscles (including the thumb) by daily squeezing a stress ball? If you don’t have one, you can fill a thick balloon with dry beans, and that works pretty well.
      A few years ago I thought I was getting arthritis in my pinky finger because it started hurting when I played the piano. Then it totally cleared up. So, I probably subluxated the joint then realigned it.
      Take care! 😊

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      1. Yay!! 😀

        Well, at least it’s not broken. 😀

        Funny you ask that, someone just gave me a stress ball and I like it. 🙂 It’s still… uncomfortable to squeeze but it has these little balls inside the big ball which gives it a fun texture so I can try to ignore the discomfort. 🙂

        Oooo, what a cool idea!!

        Yes, that is what it sounds like.

        Take care too. 🙂

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        1. Someone just gave you a stress ball?! Hehe 😊 Maybe that’s a sign you’re supposed to work those muscles!
          Yes, working carefully through the discomfort should be a good thing. The idea is to start off at a rate you can tolerate then work your way up to greater effort as your strength increases.

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    1. Thanks. Looking back, I enjoyed the VERY short time I skated with my granddaughter before my feet shot out from under me. 😊 I used to be able to skate halfway decent, but I don’t skate often enough, and I probably won’t skate anymore. It’s not worth it. I only went ice skating once in my life; it was when I was dating my husband, and he had to hold me up the whole time. Fun, yes. Do again, no. 😁

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          1. Whoever would’ve done the regular church service is going there today and running through it and they’re videoing it and then they’ll have it on Facebook for us to watch so I will watch it at some point today and then I’m also taking a perspectives class which is a 16 week course and I’ll be doing that through zoom for the time being, which I’m actually not familiar with so it may be interesting!! Enjoy your church service regardless of how you have to hear it❤️

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            1. That’s great! Enjoy!
              Yes, our pastor’s wife invited whoever is interested to do a Bible study via zoom. I feel stretched to the limit just getting back from a long trip, where I was the only driver, with an extra person, and trying to reorganize the house and catch up with the blog. Let me know how it goes!
              Thank you! It went very well! The message was on the triumphal entry of Christ and how that same week, Jesus was crucified and then rose again! Message for today: He is still King! He still reigns! He is still in control! The dark days will soon be over, and life will continue on (Pastor said “as we know it”; I’m praying it will be better than ever with revival and new life sprouting and flourishing!)

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