Day 118 – Thankful for my Knight in Shining Armor and…

So there I was in the kitchen, cooking a pancake on the top of the stove, when the text came through.

I walked the 3 feet to my phone and checked the text. It required a response. I sat down to take care of it (in hindsight, not a good idea).

As I carried on this virtual conversation, the Beast suddenly awoke!

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

I looked around, and sure enough, smoke had begun to arise from what was supposed to have been a pancake!

I grabbed a potholder and took hold of the pan, carrying it quickly outside to see if birds like burnt pancakes, 😆, and leaving the Beast to beep to its hearts content!

Meanwhile, my Charming Knight in Shining Armor, who was upstairs and heard the noise of the Beast, came down to check it out! He brandished his weapon of choice and removed the annoying Beast from its lair. The noise ceased, and all was calm.

I thanked and kissed my Knight in Shining Armor for taking out the Beast!

Then, of course, I opened some windows and turned on some fans to get rid of the offending odor of the burnt grain offering. 😁

Fortunately, the temperature outside is not too cold, at 42° F, so a little fresh air in the kitchen is actually kind of nice.

Today I’m thankful for the Beast, *ahem*, smoke alarm, and that it does its job properly.

I’m also thankful for my Knight in Shining Armor, *ahem*, my husband, who came to my rescue to stop the annoying beep beep beep and restore calm to our normally peaceful kitchen! 😃

Praise God for all the times He rescues us!

How about you? Have you ever burnt anything while you were cooking? Do you have a smoke alarm? Is your smoke alarm easy or hard to turn off? Would you like to guess whether birds like burnt pancakes or not? Of course, maybe the squirrels will get to it first!


13 thoughts on “Day 118 – Thankful for my Knight in Shining Armor and…

  1. Yes, we have a very annoying alarm that is hard to turn off! My husband does most of the cooking, so he has set off the alarm a couple of times. I have to move away from the smoke since it triggers an asthma attack.

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