Day 123 – Thankful for energy, love, success, and kindness

Friday morning I got up earlier than I have been because my husband has been having problems with his car and needed to take it to the mechanic. So, I picked him up at the mechanic and drove him to work.

When I got back from taking him to work, I had to take my daughter to school to take a Spanish test. After she and the other Spanish student were done, I graded their tests, then we came home for a while. That was already as much driving as I do on a normal day, and I still have this arm challenge going on.

Next I went over to my older son’s house and walked his dog because he is out of town for his job. The sunshine was nice and I loved walking the dog. She is so soft and fluffy and lively, not to mention beautiful! It was hard to get a picture of her being still!

At some point I had to call the health insurance company to get the ball rolling for this whole injury thing.

My walk with the dog and all the driving had tired me out enough that when I needed to walk over to the mechanic to get the key for my husband’s car, it seemed like it was a lot farther walk than usual. It’s only maybe a block or so from our house! 😬 I guess I’m getting out of shape with all this winter weather and the arm injury. I definitely need to get that back in control.

I drove my husband’s car back to the house then drove to pick him up at work, then went and picked up my granddaughter for a two-night sleepover. We had supper and watched a movie together before going to bed.

I’m thankful for the busy day and that the Lord gave me the energy to do all the things that needed to be done. There was a time in my life where I would not have had the energy to do even a small portion of all that.

I’m also thankful that I get to see my granddaughter and that I got to walk my son’s beautiful dog!

I’m thankful that my daughter and her friend did well on their Spanish tests!

And, I’m glad that the mechanic was kind enough to take my husband’s car in to look at it and make sure that it is safe to drive. I’m so thankful that the Lord keeps us safe in all of our travels, including locally.

How about you? Do you prefer routine or variety? Do you ever think to tell the Lord thank you for enough energy to accomplish what needs to be done in a day? Do you have a do or another pet that needs daily care? Do you remember to tell the Lord thank you for helping you to succeed at a test or some other project? Are you thankful for kind service people?

10 thoughts on “Day 123 – Thankful for energy, love, success, and kindness

  1. Great post. πŸ™‚ I understand the lack of energy too. Sometimes I get anxious easily and it’s hard to get a lot done because it depletes my energy. I try to to be thankful every day for what I have accomplished. Happy you got to hang out with your grandkids and walk your son’s dog. I have a friend who says, “Every day is a gift.” πŸ™‚

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