Day 124 – Thankful for fun with my granddaughter

Saturday morning, my granddaughter woke me up earlier than I would have liked. She and I went into the other room and relaxed on the couch for a few minutes in an effort not to wake up my husband. That wasn’t working out so well, so I took her to the Bread Co., and got her some macaroni and cheese (her choice). I got myself a chai with almond milk. For those of you who don’t know, my granddaughter is five, so we had a lot of fun just chatting and being silly.

We came home for a while so I could have some breakfast, since I am gluten free and can’t eat the Bread Company’s breakfast choices.

Next, we went shopping at three different stores. She helped me pick out several little baby gifts for a baby shower and, of course, asked for a few things for herself. ☺

We went home to get my daughter, then we all three went to the baby shower together. My granddaughter was amazingly well-behaved! She appointed herself to the job of bringing gifts to the mother of the baby and watched her open them all with rapt attention! I could tell that she was getting tired towards the end, but she still behaved herself, praise God!

I had promised her that we would go feed the ducks, so we went to the park on our way home with almost an entire giant loaf of Wonder Bread.

There was a huge crowd of ducks and geese, and they were all acting like they were so hungry!

That one giant loaf of bread was not nearly enough to feed them all, but we did our best and had fun feeding them, (except for a couple of geese that got way too close to my granddaughter and intimidated her. So I had to play the the role of Protector-of-the-granddaughter.) We still had fun! 😁

One hilarious thing that happened was that my granddaughter threw a big piece of bread, and it landed on the back of a goose in the water, between its wings, and it was probably a minute or so before any of the other ducks or geese noticed it there. 😂

As we got further down the lake, she noticed the playground, and after that I could barely keep up with her! It was getting dark by the time we left the park.

I made a quick supper at home, which she labeled “yucky”, opting instead for an apple.

Then we painted each other’s fingernails and watched the same movie as last night. It was a long day, and she was exhausted. I guess I was pretty tired too!

I definitely enjoyed spending time with her and with others as we were out in the community, and I barely looked at my phone all day. And that’s a good thing!

Once again, I’m thankful for all the energy God gave me to live this day to the fullest. I don’t quite understand why some days I have so little energy and others I can keep going like this. But I think maybe the Lord knows that He has given me special Kingdom work to do, and He provides the energy to do it. It is all definitely a gift, and I’m thankful!

I’m also thankful for the fun that my granddaughter and I had having breakfast together, shopping together, going to the baby shower together, feeding the ducks together, and everything else.

I’m thankful for the hilarious moments of laughter!

And, I’m thankful for a restful finish to a busy day.

What about you? What are you thankful for today? Did you do anything fun or have any moments of laughter this weekend? How was the weather where you live? Have you experienced God’s grace in His equipping you for a task He has called you to do?


10 thoughts on “Day 124 – Thankful for fun with my granddaughter

    1. That’s great that you’re able to do that with your granddaughter! Yes, definitely a blessing! Distance Grandparenting can be a challenge, how to connect with them and let them know you’re thinking about them and that you love them.
      I’ve gotten some really good tips for connecting with my grandchildren who live far away from
      If you follow her blog, she will send extra material in your email. I think that’s where I got some of the best tips. She also has written books on the subject.

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  1. That’s such a lovely and busy day!!!!! So glad you got those moments!!! ❤ I'm really glad you were able to do so many things and have fun! Ah, days at the playground, some of the best memories of my childhood.

    An alternative for feeding birds can be seed as bread unfortunately can mold quite easily and not be the best option. I never knew that until a few years ago and hope the info is helpful 🙂

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    1. Thank you, sweet sister! ❤ Yes, I hope she will have good memories of these activities, too, for God’s glory!
      That’s good to know for the future. We use seeds at home. At the lake, though, we throw the bread to the ducks and geese in the water. There were so many of them, and they were apparently so hungry, that there was no chance of leftovers sitting around to get moldy. I guess some people do feed them on land. There were a handful of geese that seemed to expect it, which is why I had to keep standing between them and her.

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