Day 125 – Thankful for time spent in community, for beautiful days and pain relievers

Sunday morning was definitely a little harder to get up. My granddaughter got overtired  yesterday and had trouble getting to sleep when bedtime came around.

But, when I told her that we were going to be late for Sunday school, she immediately got her breakfast ready to go. I was glad to see that it was important for her!

My youngest daughter was very tired for some reason, so I let her sleep, and she literally slept almost all day. She was supposed to help with children’s church, so I took her place and helped instead of her.

When we were done with children’s church, my granddaughter decided that she was not hungry for lunch, so I drove to a restaurant that has food that I can eat, (I have to eat gluten free) and got some food to go.

Then I drove us to the park and ate my lunch on a bench in the beautiful sunshine while my granddaughter had fun playing on the playground equipment.

She really had fun playing on the playground! It’s amazing to see how much energy these little children have! They play and play and play and play and don’t want to stop!

It was a beautiful day, and the children all seemed to be warm enough without a coat.  I, on the other hand, got cold a couple of times when the sun went behind a cloud.

Three hours later I finally convinced her that it was time to leave by letting her know that her mom would be at our house soon. 😁

Her mom was, indeed, there when we arrived. My granddaughter suddenly realized that she was hungry, so I made her a couple of wraps to eat.

We said our joyous goodbyes with the hopes of doing this again soon.

Then I took an extra strength Tylenol and four ibuprofen. Lol. My wrist had started hurting about 3 hours earlier, and I had run out of ibuprofen in my purse. I didn’t want to ruin her time at the park by leaving.

I’m thankful today that my granddaughter wanted to go to Sunday school and children’s church with me. 

I’m thankful for the opportunity to spend time with her.

I’m thankful for the beautiful day and for the fun that we had at the park.

I’m thankful for all the interactions we had with other children, parents, and grandparents who were also enjoying this beautiful day!

And, I’m thankful for Tylenol and ibuprofen and the grace to push through pain and still enjoy God’s gifts! 😀

What about you?  Do you enjoy community at a local church and speak in a friendly manner with others who are involved in the same activities as you?  Are you glad when you get to have fun with family members who visit from out of town?  Do you or someone you know get too excited to eat when you (they) are having fun?  What are you thanking God for today?


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