Day 127 – Thankful for stories with a lesson

My youngest daughter loves stories and drama and fun. She is a great storyteller, and and she loves to listen to stories told by other great storytellers.

These photos are screen shots of a video I took of her performing her illustrated storytelling in Chapel on Wednesday.

She likes to do imitations of other accents and voices, and she’s good at it! One of the things she would like to do as a profession someday is voice acting.

My older daughter knows how much my younger daughter loves “Adventures in Odyssey”, so she bought her a 2-month subscription to the Adventures in Odyssey Club for her birthday. This means that she can listen to as many of the “Adventures in Odyssey” programs as she wants for a two-month period.

For those of you who have never heard of Adventures in Odyssey, they are professional-quality stories with a wide range of excellent, moral and Biblical lessons. My daughter has loved them for a long time, and I don’t think she’ll ever outgrow them.

What I have never understood about my daughter is how she can listen to “Adventures in Odyssey” and study any one of her school subjects at the same time and hear them both and learn them both! Can any of you do that? I sure can’t!

At any rate, the last couple of days she has connected her “Adventures in Odyssey” programs to her Bluetooth speaker, and she and I have listened to some of the story series together over meal times. I’ve been very much enjoying these times!

Today I am thankful for stories with a good lesson.

I’m thankful for these special times of listening to “Adventures in Odyssey” with my daughter.

And I’m thankful for my older daughter giving her this special gift.

What about you? Do you love storytelling? Are you a good storyteller? Have you ever heard of “Adventures in Odyssey” before? What is your favorite story with a moral lesson?

Images are mine


12 thoughts on “Day 127 – Thankful for stories with a lesson

  1. Storytelling is a cool skill. We have a guest pastor who preaches at our church sometimes who has a “storytelling style” in which he bolsters his messages with cool stories he finds to connect with the message. There are some stories I still remember years later!

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  2. I’ve met a couple working with New Tribes Missions who teach people in illiterate groups to share the Bible through storytelling. People realize they understand the Bible in a new way through the storytellers.


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