Day 129 – Thankful that God is watching and is in control

My daughter and I were driving home together after church services were over. We were stopped behind several cars at a stoplight. It was one of those places where there is a left turn lane and a right turn lane as well, and traffic was filling all three lanes. A car came from the other direction and got into the middle lane to make a left turn right behind me into a little shopping center.

I looked in my rearview mirrors and could see the man in the vehicle behind me. He had left a space between his car and mine. I saw him signaling to the person in the middle lane to go in front of him, but the car was still just sitting there. I thought maybe he needed a little bit more room, so I went forward just a little bit.

All of this was happening without my daughter’s awareness, so it’s scared her that I had suddenly gone forward, because she thought I might hit the car in front of me! I told her, “Don’t worry, I’m watching out. I’m seeing things around us that you don’t see. You don’t have to worry; it’s okay.”

As soon as I said that, it occurred to me that this was a picture of how we sometimes react to God’s “driving” of our lives.

He sees everything going on around us. He sees the whole picture. He’s watching and knows what is happening around us, things about which we are not even aware.

Sometimes He may do or allow something in our lives that scares us. And, maybe we think that He isn’t watching. But He is! He sees it all better than we do. He knows it all better than we do. He has it all under control, and all we have to do is trust Him that He knows what He’s doing. He invites us to talk to Him about it, and well we should!

Today I’m thankful that God is in control.

I’m thankful that He is watching out for me and my family.

I’m thankful that He knows every little detail that’s going on around me and that He has our best interests in mind.

I’m thankful that He takes care of us and invites us to talk with Him about our concerns.

What about you? Do you ever get scared about something that happens in your life? Do you ever worry that God is not watching or is not really in control? Or are you glad that God is watching out for you? Do you know that He sees you every moment? Do you believe that He is in control?


8 thoughts on “Day 129 – Thankful that God is watching and is in control

  1. What a wonderful example of our Daddy seeing what we are not privy too and how we get panicked when we deem a possible accident or things falling apart. I’m so thankful with You that our Daddy is all seeing and absolutely nothing catches Him by surprise.

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