Day 135- Thankful for familiar sounds

Sometimes familiar sounds become so familiar that we stop noticing them. But their absence would seem really strange.

I remember hiking once on Mount Goliath in Colorado. We stopped along the trail and just listened. There was almost total silence, which was very nice at the time.

But I think a lot of the sounds we hear on a daily basis are part of our routine, and while leaving on vacation for a while can be really nice, there’s something grounding about routine, and sounds are part of that. When the electricity goes off, sudden silence ensues. The fridge stops running, the fan, microwave, or whatever else was running at the time. When the sounds stop, we suddenly become aware that there is a problem.

What familiar sounds are you thankful for? My list looks like this (a few happen much less often, not all the time, but they’re sounds that I like):

  • Train in the distance
  • Dog going upstairs
  • Hot water heater
  • Boiling kettle
  • Windchimes
  • Traffic sounds outside
  • Creaking floorboards
  • Running water
  • Food cooking on the stove
  • Clinking of silverware
  • Blowing on a hot beverage
  • Breathing
  • Laughter
  • The voices of loved ones
  • Toothbrush being used
  • Chair scooting back
  • Dinner bell ringing
  • Microwave running
  • Light switching on or off
  • Wind blowing in the trees
  • Rain on the roof
  • Thunder rumbling in the distance
  • Leaves crunching in the fall
  • Apple crunching
  • Bonfire crackling
  • Rocks crunching in the driveway under the car tires
  • Birds singing
  • Squirrel chattering
  • Dog barking
  • Curtains and shades being opened or closed
  • Toaster oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Clock ticking
  • Phone vibration
  • Phone ringing
  • Music playing
  • Singing
  • Cheering
  • Basketball being dribbled
  • Basket being scored
  • Baseball connecting with the bat
  • Runners feet pounding the ground
  • Waves at the beach
  • Airplane
  • Zippers on tent or sleeping bag
  • Popcorn popping

Today I’m thankful for familiar sounds and for the things that make those sounds!

I’m also thankful that I can still hear well enough to enjoy them.

What about you? What familiar sounds that you’re thankful for would you add to this list? When is the last time that you have just sat still and listened to the sounds around you?

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