Day 138- Thankful for Pleasant smells

Have you ever wondered why the saying goes, “Take time to smell the roses” instead of look at the roses?

Try with me, won’t you, to think of some of your favorite smells. Doesn’t it just relax you, releasing the tension and maybe even bringing a smile to your face?

I remember when I came back from France, devastated, and walked into my sister’s apartment. The scent of strong Christmas cinnamon filled the air and gave me a sense of joy. Even though that happened at a difficult time of my life, it remains, to this day, one of my favorite smells!

I love to take the lid off of my favorite scented candle and just breathe deeply, closing my eyes for a few seconds. It’s so relaxing, like someone just poured some kind of joy and peace into the atmosphere.

I also noticed recently that I love the smell of a freshly-opened box of black teabags. It may seem weird to some, but stopping to smell the tea bags relaxes me too, and hey, whatever works, right?

Oh, and how can I forget the smell of coffee brewing?! I don’t really care for the taste of coffee unless it’s super doctored up with lots of cream and sugar and other flavors, but I sure do love the smell of coffee. It has a way of filling the room, and bringing happy feelings. Maybe that’s because so many happy gatherings happen simultaneously to the brewing of coffee.

And if you’ve never tried this air freshener (I promise that I have nothing to gain by you buying this product), it smells amazing!!

I’ve bought other brands and scents since I discovered this one, just to try them, but none compare, and sometimes I’m tempted to just throw the others in the trash because they are so inferior to this one. (I would if I didn’t hate wasting money. Sigh.)

Let’s see, then there is:

  • The smell of the ocean,
  • The smell of bacon frying,
  • The smell of freshly baked bread, of cinnamon rolls, or chocolate brownies in the oven,
  • The smell of the earth after a summer rain,
  • The smell of pine trees,
  • And the smell of the smoke from someone’s fireplace wafting through the autumn air.

Today I am thankful for God’s gift of wonderful smells. I’m also thankful for the relaxation and peace and happiness that they bring.

What about you? What are your favorite smells? How do they make you feel? Have you ever thought to thank God for them?


9 thoughts on “Day 138- Thankful for Pleasant smells

  1. I love the smells of freshly mown grass, the salty tang at the ocean, freshly squeezed orange juice (so I would love to find that citrus brand of air freshener that you showed), a baby’s skin after applying baby lotion, and mint anything.

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  2. Rose of Sharon must be one of the smells in heaven! It reminds me of when I was youn and my grandmother used Rose Milk lotion. It came in a pink bottle shaped like a milk bottle with a red rose in full bloom on it. I also like coffee brewing, especially maple pecan, but don’t drink because I don’t like the taste 😊

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