Day 139- Thankful when things work

Wednesday morning was one of those mornings where so many things went wrong. I was practicing a song on the piano that I needed to record, and I couldn’t seem to get it right. I needed to record it and then burn a CD, but every time I started recording, the screen would turn off on my phone. When I would make a mistake, I couldn’t pause it, so each time I had to start over.

My daughter had to do her third and final practice in front of her classmates that afternoon, so we decided to use the choir CD that she had originally practiced with to sing her special song at school, even though she will not be allowed to use it at the Regional competition because it has to be piano only to level the playing field for all the singers.

Unfortunately, when we tried it at home, the CD player would not work. I thought I remembered that it was just the speakers, so we went looking for her speaker and a cord to attach it to the CD player, but we still could not get it to work. So at the last minute, I was texting someone at the school to see if they had a CD player at the school, but the reply was no. So, we took my daughter’s CD player, even though she said it has been skipping. By this time, I was thoroughly stressed. Ever have a day like that?

Before we left the house, I prayed with my daughter and asked the Lord to protect us from the spirit of Chaos that seemed determined to overwhelm us. I prayed that the Lord would give her peace and calm her jitters enough for her to do well on her performances.

The good news is that He answered that prayer! My daughter did very well, and the CD player did not skip while she was singing!

After she was done, we went to Walmart to buy some CDs. We had to record a better pianist than I am that night. And, we still have to burn the CD, because the performance at the Regional competition is coming up very soon.

At Walmart, we went through the self-checkout. My daughter was helping me, and the touch screen was not working using her finger, so she pushed cancel, which we thought had totally cancelled our order. In actuality, it only canceled the credit card transaction part. So, there was some confusion there as well, but we finally got it figured out.

I do appreciate technology; if not for technology you would not be reading this blog post, and I would not be able to communicate with you. But I do get frustrated when it doesn’t work right or I don’t understand the updates.

Today, I’m thankful for the times when technology does work!

I’m thankful for the talented tech people who are able to develop and explain how to use beneficial new technologies.

And, I’m thankful that the Lord answered our prayer and calmed us for the performances that my daughter had to do in front of her classmates.

What about you? Do you find tech problems challenging or frustrating? Are you thankful for beneficial technology and the people who develop and maintain it?

13 thoughts on “Day 139- Thankful when things work

    1. Yes, I think there is a combination of emotions that go into that, like disappointment over unmet expectations, then the flesh kicks in and we either feel sorry for ourselves, get impatient, get frustrated, and/or feel the need to control things. The best thing to do is surrender to God, asking for His help.

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  1. I am not much of a technology guru! I am currently taking a required class that focuses on technology components, and it’s a balancing act as I am learning new things but becoming slightly overwhelmed on the parts of the course that are a bit more confusing. Thankfully, I just finished week 6/8, and it has gone better than expected. I am glad your day ended up working out well! Blessings!

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  2. I love technology but when it doesn’t work, oh my word, it can make me crazy mad! I’m ex-technology so this is particularly embarrassing that I’m so easily frustrated with it! (In my own defense I’ve been out over 20 years!) I love your prayer for calm over chaos! Good reminder somedays it’s just all about prayer!

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    1. Yes, it can be so frustrating! I think if I was an expert at it and knew how to fix it, it wouldn’t be so hard.
      A lot has changed in 20 years in the field of technology. What you knew how to do then may be totally different and inapplicable now. So, I’m guessing you’re in the same boat with wanting to fix it and that helpless feeling that comes when we just can’t?

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  3. I’ve had some of my biggest meltdowns over frustrating computer or phone times. I’m thankful for these times because they show me what’s in my heart and lead me to growth in the things of the Lord. I’m thankful for computer people, especially my son who’s an IT expert and for the Father’s grace!


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