Day 143- Thankful God is still on His throne!

Today my husband went with me to the rental car place and made sure that I was all set before leaving for work. I so appreciate him helping me with such things!

I drove the rental home and picked up my daughter and our stuff for our trip to go pick up my youngest son from college, since he has to be out of the dorms by this Friday.

My youngest daughter and I have had a wonderful day on the road together. We brought our own food and snacks, since we had heard that some restaurants were going to be closed, and we weren’t sure what we’d find.

We stopped a couple of times for gas and a few times at rest stops (and they all had toilet paper!! lol), but the rest of the day we were driving an almost brand-new car! It took a while to figure out the computer, cruise control, and such, but it was really nice, and it handled really well!

My daughter and I were having such a good time listening to her Adventures in Odyssey audio drama episodes, that at one point, I drove right past our turnoff and didn’t even notice it! 😁

The dramas helped me remember that other people in other parts of the world are having much different problems than we are in our country. Some Christians are still being persecuted for their faith, some families are so poverty stricken that they have to dig through garbage to find things to recycle to make money for food, missionaries are still giving up much to serve the Lord, and so on.

It was good to think about these things after being inundated by fearful reports about COVID-19.

I don’t in any way mean to appear unfeeling for those who are suffering from this virus nor to say that we should not take precautions, rather I would like to speak words of hope to those who are gripped with fear and even panic.

With this whole COVID-19 outbreak, I believe it is good to take precautions to the extent that they are needed, but not to get such tunnel vision from fear that we forget to pray about this and other problems. I understand the need for schools to close and for other forms of social distancing. But as Christians, our focus is to be on God. Hebrews 12:2; Colossians 3:2

It does a soul good to remember that God is still good, He is able to do great things, and He is still in control!

The mountains have not fallen into the depths of the sea, the sun still comes up every day, the earth is still rotating, the birds are still singing, spring is still coming in the northern hemisphere.

God is still on His throne!

We can still pray to Him fervently with humble and repentant hearts and trust that He hears us and is able to help.

Today I’m thankful for our safe and enjoyable trip so far!

I’m thankful for God providing a really nice car and for my husband’s part in helping me rent it!

I’m thankful for stories of how God is working in the lives of others!

I’m thankful that God is still on His throne!

I’m thankful that He still answers prayer!

What about you? What other signs are you seeing that God is still on His throne? What answers to prayer have you witnessed recently? Are you trusting God in your daily life? Are you focusing on Him?


16 thoughts on “Day 143- Thankful God is still on His throne!

  1. Amen, our God is still on the throne! I am so thankful that He has been showing you His care & provision in the midst of these times. Just yesterday, when our large stores looked like the photo you shared, my husband was able to find plenty of food in our local grocery store in our small town. God does take care of us. Blessings and safe travels to you, Dear Ruth.

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    1. Yes, we have had fun, and traffic has not been as bad as usual. Still plenty of semis, though.
      Yes, I probably need to program the GPS if I’m going to listen to audio dramas. Hehe 😁 That particular turnoff normally would have been unmistakable because of the traffic, but there was no stop and go, so I didn’t realize I was already there! 😂


      1. Ah, I’m sure she’s enjoying.

        Oh yes, I’ve been a member since inception lol. I love love Odyssey. I was raised on it and did the same with my son. Now they’ve made it so you can listen an album at a time.


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