Day 144- Thankful for a safe, peace-filled trip through the mountains

This morning my daughter and I checked out of our hotel and walked outside, greeted by a smell I haven’t smelled for a long time, freshly-mown grass with spring onion.

We got a good start and made it through some preliminary foothills that are big enough in my book to be mountains. I called our cousin three times and finally reached her a half hour from arriving at her town. We had a short but good outdoor visit with her after going through the drive-thru at Hardees. It was good to see her!

It was also good to eat something different that didn’t come out of our cooler! Hehe 😁

We got in more traffic today than we did yesterday, but still not as bad as it usually is in those spots. I do not prefer driving past or behind semi tractor trailers in the mountains, but, as my husband sometimes says, “you get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit!” At least it was not raining! And God helped me not to be nervous most of that leg of the trip; He gave me His peace!

We arrived safely at our destination and had a good visit with my son. It was too late to start back home, so we’ll save that for tomorrow!

Today I’m thankful for a sneak peek at spring! I’m thankful for a good visit with our cousin and for good food! I’m thankful for peace and safety and dry roads in the mountains. And, I’m thankful for our safe arrival and a good conversation with my son!

What about you? What are you thankful for today?


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