Day 146- Thankful for Wendy’s Frostys and safe homecomings

Friday morning dawned cloudy with the last bit of the night’s rainfall. These are such good mornings to sleep in, but we couldn’t sleep too late because we needed to check out of our hotel and get home. The sun started to come out by the time we left.

Traffic was a bit more busy than yesterday, but still not too bad. The temperatures outside were very comfortable, but as we got closer to home, the temperatures begin to drop.

At one point, the highway went between fields that normally would be dry, but at least two miles of flooding stretched out as far as I could see on both sides of the highway! The main creek that was flooding was muddy and rushing, and too close to not “fitting” under the highway! I was glad it wasn’t raining anymore! Having the highway be impassable right there would have caused us a huge detour!

We still had enough food in the cooler and the candy bars and other snacks that I had brought along, but at one of the places we stopped, they had a Wendy’s. My son got himself a meal, and I got a chocolate Frosty to split with my daughter. I used to love to eat Wendy’s Frosties, but since I’m usually dairy free, I almost never eat them anymore. So it was a nice treat! 😋

Photo by Batu Gezer on Unsplash

We arrived safely at home before dark (yay!), and my husband helped us take all of our stuff inside.

Apparently the dog has missed us, and she was very glad to see us again.

Lilly when she’s excited

None of us appear to have caught any illnesses along the way, including COVID-19. We had a great trip but are happy to be home with mission-rescue-college-student accomplished!

Today I’m thankful for the gift of cloudy mornings to sleep in, for sunshine, and dry highways, and especially that the flooding did not cover the highway!

I’m thankful for the warm weather that we got to enjoy!

I’m thankful that we had enough food to eat along the way, and I’m thankful for Wendy’s Frosties!

I’m thankful that we arrived home safely before dark still in good health!

I’m thankful for my husband’s help!

And I’m thankful that the dog perked up when we got home!

What about you? Have you ever been glad to get back from a long trip? How is the Lord helping you through your present “trip” through the crisis of COVID-19? Are you able to see His gifts and blessings amidst the difficulties?


30 thoughts on “Day 146- Thankful for Wendy’s Frostys and safe homecomings

            1. It takes a really lonnng time to get past that. I used to feel so sorry for myself that I couldn’t eat the things I used to love. But the self-pity just made me feel worse, not better. I’ve been able to find enough good things to eat that I don’t miss all those old things (that have gluten in them that I absolutely must stay away from) very much anymore.

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            1. Yes, I’ve really missed pizza for a long time too. The rest of my family eats pizza about once a week, so I always felt like I was missing out. My older son brought over some very thin, personal-pan-sized cauliflower crust, and we made pizza with lots of sauce and stuff on it. You couldn’t really taste the cauliflower crust because there was so much stuff on it, so it was really quite good!

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  1. Oh, I am so glad that you are safely home, and that yes! Praise God the highway wasn’t flooded. I love the photo of your dog, it’s really a special gift to me tonight, as I have been missing my adult daughter’s first dog, “Lilly” (spelled the same way!) who had the same gentle coloring. She was a frengle (french bulldog/beagle mix) and sadly passed away almost 5 years ago now. Thanks for the cheer you brought me tonight, dear friend. Blessings for you and your family!

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