Day 156- Thankful for toilet paper :) (God provides!)

Thursday, my teens started letting me know that we were running out of food. So Friday, around 7:30 a.m., the Lord reminded me that I needed to go grocery shopping. My son had offered to go with me on Saturday morning, but there was no point in both of us going out, and I wanted to beat the crowds.

So, I rolled out of bed, threw on some clothes, and headed out the door without breakfast or anything to drink. It wasn’t exactly a good hair day, either, but no time for curling irons and such; who’s taking pictures, anyway?

I was surprised by how many people were out! There were way more cars in our local grocery parking lot than I had expected, so I decided to try Kroger. When I got to Kroger, I found that they have changed their hours and don’t open until 9 during this crisis.

So I went back to the first store and got as many things on my list as they had available, doing the “how-close-to-6-feet-away-from-you-can-I-stay?” dance the whole time.

Apparently I had already missed the run on toilet paper, and there were no chicken thighs or drumsticks or pre-made Frozen hamburgers or chicken nuggets, among other things.

So I went back to Kroger, arriving just a couple of minutes after 9. I was able to find everything else on my list except for two.

I even found toilet paper! I first saw little tiny packages for $0.69 and thought that was all they had. But a little further on they had huge packages, so I got one of those instead. Score! The Lord has provided!

A little over a month or so ago, who would have thought that I would be writing a blog post thanking the Lord for toilet paper? Who would have thought that so many things would be missing from the store shelves?

And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19 NASB

Today I’m thankful that the Lord knows and provides ALL of our needs! ALL!

I’m thankful for His provision of toilet paper and the meats and bread my teens asked for!

I’m thankful that He provided the milk and eggs and all the other foods that we need!

What about you? How has the Lord showed His providing hand to you and yours lately? Is there something that you couldn’t find that you finally were able to find?

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39 thoughts on “Day 156- Thankful for toilet paper :) (God provides!)

  1. This quarantine had helped bring me towards people that resonate with my healing journey and thought process. I am so glad you found some toilet paper. There is a small business grocery store in the area that was limiting tp products due to the intense craze which, ultimately, allowed for a calmer experience. It was nice to enter a grocery store that was well-stocked and organized. Blessings!

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  2. Yes, God has been good to us! We have to do orders on an app and then pick up because we are in the high risk group. I couldn’t get eggs on my first order, but I was able to add them to my second order along with lactaid milk. And I found toilet paper at Amazon and ordered it. So, we have what we need and are staying in. I have to go out again this week for curbside delivery of my prescription. I am very thankful for how helpful people are and how generous God has been.

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      1. I use the Walmart app because that is the store closest to us. You can also use Instacart that will locate the stores near you, you choose one and you can choose pick up or delivery. Instacart is more expensive than Walmart regardless of the store you choose because they add a fee.

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  3. I’m so glad you were able to find some TP! We were running out here, and my mom had just said, “Kids, we need to start rationing our TP because I can’t find any anywhere” and then she checked her phone and saw a text from a a family at our church. They had dropped by our house and left 18 rolls for us! *sobs* it was so sweet! 😊

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  4. The toilet paper thing still amazes me. A run on TP lol
    Wish I would have known people would go crazy about toilet paper because of a respiratory virus. I would have bought stock in a toilet paper company lol

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  5. I still don’t get why the rush on toilet paper. Even now after 6 weeks people are hoarding it leaving many of us who, just buy what we need, left with none. Toilet paper is being manufacture 3 time more than the past eons and its the same amount of people. ?????

    God is good all the time. All the time God is good.

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    1. I don’t get it either. A couple of thoughts I’ve considered,
      1. Most westerners have been raised from toddlerhood using toilet paper and cannot imagine that anything less convenient could be used.
      2. Many westerners see toilet paper as a basic human right, an entitlement.
      3. If lots of people are normally working and schooling outside the home, they are using a certain amount of toilet paper provided by their work place, which may purchase it from a company that sells to businesses only. If millions of those people now have to stay home, they now have to provide that percentage for their household in addition to what they normally would have to buy.
      Does that account for the entire situation? Probably not. Lots of people are probably reacting in fear to worst-case scenarios. And some may have seen it as an opportunity to make money off the have-nots.
      We live in a fallen world.
      Yes, fortunately the Lord is always good, when when humanity is not. He still provides all of our needs when we call on Him.

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  6. God has provided beautifully during this time! I am never one to stock up too much in advance. I have learned to do this during this season and will probably keep it up! We, like you, have had to go to a couple of stores to get it all! We are thankful for toilet paper also!

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    1. Praise God for His provision! I usually don’t either, unless a coupon requires that I have to buy a lot of something that I know that I’m going to eventually use. Or if there is a sale on items that I know I will use. I feel like it takes a certain skill to organize buying ahead and making sure that it gets used before its expiration date (a skill which I have only in limited supply). My husband has a small amount of soup and other essentials that he keeps for crises. He even bought some straws that filter water so that you can drink out of a stream.
      Thanks for dropping by for a visit! God bless! 😊

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  7. This past Thursday my husband went out with my carefully planned list (I tried to put items in the same aisle so he would be able to find it better). He was able to get all but about 4 items. GOD PROVIDED! I was nervous certain items would be out but those items were the ones he was able to get. During this waiting I turned to Jesus and praised Him no matter what. There is comfort in His presence that combats against fear. He truly is good ❤

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    1. Praise God for helping your husband find all those things that you needed!
      Yes, praising Him no matter what! God knew that it would be good for us, and He moves to help us when we praise Him! I think praise is a huge demonstration of our faith in Him. And yes, He gives us great comfort when we are in His presence praising Him!

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  8. Amen! Thank you LORD! Truly God provides. He has blessed me this week with getting drop home and back from work where I didn’t had to pay transport for at least 2-3 times this past week. I’m also thankful that He has allowed the job He has given me to fall under essential, where I can still go out and work. He’s so good! Bless His name forever. Stay blessed & safe! Say Hello for me!

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  9. So glad you managed to find most of what you needed! 😀

    I’m thankful for toilet paper too! And potatoes. When we went to the store last, there were a few bundles of toilet paper left, but NO POTATOES! (Unless you want the veeeery small ones.) Like… why. 😂 I did buy nine boxes of mac and cheese but that’s because there was a miscommunication and I put five boxes into the cart and mom didn’t notice and put four more. I eat that stuff so often and they had plenty so I don’t feel too bad about getting the extra. 😅

    God provided for the toilet paper situation – back in November, I had two coupons for the BIG bundles. We decided to go ahead and get them because the coupon would be expired the next time we went to get groceries and we wanted to save the $1 off each. We’re SO GLAD we had those coupons and bought it back then because now we are good for a while.

    I was surprised it was toilet paper too. (I’d be more concerned with food than toilet paper. 😅) Mom’s theory is that some people are hoarding it, and other people are using more because, under normal circumstances, kids would be at school and parents would be at work for most of the day. Thus, less toilet paper at home being used. And now that everyone is quarantined at home, it’s ALL being used at home. I don’t know if this would explain it away but it is something to consider I guess! 🙂

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      1. Perhaps so! 🙂 Mom was finally able to find potatoes. 10 pounds for under $3 I think.

        It’s probably past time to plant potatoes here too but… I planted some sprouts anyway. 😅

        Me too! Thank you God for coupons! 😅

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          1. Me too! 😀

            They seem to be doing well – and the ones I planted in November (indoors with a plant light) were read and produced some but… not much. These out in the sun look so much bigger and better. 🙂

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