Day 162- Thankful for Lessons from a Broken Dryer

We’ve been without a clothes dryer for about a week. That fateful day, I put some clothes in the dryer and pushed the button.

Nothing happened!

I couldn’t believe it! So, I kept on pushing the button and “nothing” kept on happening. πŸ˜‚

I checked to make sure that the door was shut. I also checked the switch breaker. That was all in order, but still, nothing happened when I pushed the button.

I told my husband, and he pulled the dryer out from the wall and checked to see what was wrong. He discovered that the thermal fuse had blown because the dryer had overheated. So, he ordered the part, and four days later it arrived.

He installed the part, and it worked! Yay! He dried a wet towel.

A little later, I washed another load of clothes. I put the clothes in the dryer and pushed the button, and nothing happened!!

The thermal fuse had blown again!

My husband did some research and found out that there is another part that controls the heat, (aka the thermostat πŸ˜‚), and it was broken. Since it was not controlling the heat, the dryer was overheating, and that is why the fuse was blowing.

So he had to order both parts, and when they arrived, he installed them both.

He just told me a little while ago that it’s fixed and working correctly now! Yay! Our hero!

In order to fix the problem, he had to find the problem.

We have to do the same thing in our lives.

We often go along from day to day, and something just isn’t right.

Something isn’t right in our relationships with parents, children, spouses, or friends. Or sometimes something is just not right inside our own heart.

But we just keep on doing everything the same way, pushing the same button over and over and even possibly getting frustrated that it isn’t working.

We tell ourselves that we’re doing the best we can.

But we don’t do the research to see what is broken and how to fix it. We don’t ask the right questions and listen objectively to the answers with the desire to learn and improve.

We may be feeling anxious, misguided, or aimless; we may be walking in weakness, or lacking in wisdom. We may feel like something is wrong, but we don’t know what.

We don’t like to admit that there’s a problem. We don’t want to think that we might have a problem or that we don’t know enough to be able to fix the problem. It’s so much easier to blame the problem on someone else. And we certainly don’t want to think that we have sinned!

Wait! Don’t go!

There is a solution!

Just like the dryer doesn’t get fixed until the problem is found, so we can’t be fixed unless we admit we have a problem and ask God for help and forgiveness.

Jesus sacrificed His life on the cross to set us free from sin and guilt!

He diagnosed the problem and delivered the solution to the door of your heart! All you have to do is let Him in and let Him do all the work needed to clean things up and fix them.

He offers this total makeover at no cost to us because He already paid the price for us through His sacrifice.

I hope that right this moment you will bring whatever it is that’s broken in your life to Him and experience the joy of Him being your HERO and of whatever is broken working right again.

Today I’m thankful that our broken dryer is fixed again!

I’m thankful for my husband being our hero and fixing it.

I’m so thankful that God provided all the parts in a timely manner!

And I’m glad that God knows how to fix anything that’s broken in my life and yours!

I’m thankful that He paid the price and that He is quick to deliver help to us any time we call and ask Him for it!

How about you? Have you ever noticed that something is not working but kept trying the same old thing that is not working? Do you have a hero that came along and helped solve the problem, whether it was physical or spiritual? Have you asked Jesus to come into your life and cleanse you and make you new?


27 thoughts on “Day 162- Thankful for Lessons from a Broken Dryer

    1. Yes, saving money wherever you can is great! When I lived in Africa we hung all our clothes out to dry, and they dried fast in the sun. The weather where I live now is not as warm or nice. So the dryer is a big help, and God has provided for us in this way. We do have a line in the basement, also, where we hang a few things to dry.


  1. Wow, this story illustrates the principle you highlight so perfectly! I am so thankful that the Holy Spirit will show us the root of the problem when we ask Him to, and then on top of it, He will fix it for us! Thanks for a wonderful post πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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