Day 170- Thankful that God’s kindness waters the dry places in our hearts!

So let us know—let us press on to know the LORD. As surely as the sun rises, He will appear; He will come to us like the rain, like the spring showers that water the earth.” Hosea 6:3 BSB

Anybody else out there really feeling your need for the Lord these days, a need for some light after the darkness, a need for a drink of water in the desert?

The wonderful thing about the above verse is that it gives us an exhortation with our best interests at heart and then a promise of relief. I’d go so far as to say that this relief from the Lord will bring JOY to our hearts!

The Hebrew for press on means “pursue” or “chase“. It denotes our need to be intentional and persistent in our efforts to know God. It reveals that growing in our knowledge of God happens on purpose, not by accident. It also reveals that this YAHWEH that we are pursuing IS WORTHY of being pursued!

Coming to know Him, then, is a good thing, a wonderful thing, an awesome thing!

The promise of His appearing “as surely as the dawn” denotes that we are in a time of darkness, that the night seems to be long, and that we are hoping for daybreak finally to arrive. Is anybody else feeling that need lately?

And the promise of rain denotes a dry time, a time when there hasn’t been any or at least not enough rain.

How many of you would agree that we have a scarcity of love and kindness in our world? Do our hearts not feel dry sometimes from the lack of love and kindness? Doesn’t it feel sometimes like our hearts shrivel instead of thriving because of toxic, unkind, unloving words that are tossed about instead of kind words?

For kindness I desired, and not sacrifice, And a knowledge of God above burnt-offerings.” Hosea 6:6 YLT

The kindness in this verse is from the Hebrew “hesed” and can also be translated “mercy”, and “faithful love”. (See more about “hesed” here.) It is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, and we definitely need to be pursuing God, seeking to know Him, and walking in His Spirit in order to exhibit this true kindness.

Screenshot from (I need to practice my stylus-on-phone skills, lol)

It may feel like we are making a sacrifice to show this sort of kindness. But God is not saying that He doesn’t want us to show sacrificial love, because that’s what “hesed” does!

Rather, He’s saying that He doesn’t want us to show empty, fake, hypocritical love that we try to fabricate on our own without truly coming to know God and obey Him out of true love for Him.

Today I’m thankful that pressing on to know the Lord has a wonderful reward!

I’m thankful that He will bring the light of dawn to end the night!

I’m thankful that He will bring rain to end the drought and kindness to water the dry places in our hearts!

I’m thankful that His Holy Spirit indwells each true believer and enables us to be the carriers of His kindness to others in need!

How about you? Does your heart need some light today? Does it need the water of kindness? Have you pursued the Lord faithfully? If not, are you willing to start today? What do you take away from these verses from Hosea?


One thought on “Day 170- Thankful that God’s kindness waters the dry places in our hearts!

  1. I’m so glad you’ve pointed out that we are to be intentional to chase after Him. Too many times we can fail in all of our relationships to pursue. We prefer to wait for others to come to us. God does come to us, but He like anyone else wants it to be a real relationship that goes both ways. It’s so special, too, but we can be really stubborn.


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