Day 176- Thankful for fountains

This has been a good week for me of drawing closer to God. How about you?

This week I also got more excited about working in the garden.

After my husband and I plowed and planted a few things a few things, I knew that the maple helicopters would come down en masse. So, I spread some old sheets over more than half of the garden, held down at the corners by bricks and stones.

Thursday, I carefully pulled up the sheets and dumped hundreds of those helicopters into the yard waste bin. Then I laid the sheets back down again because the falling of the helicopters is not quite finished yet.I decided to wait to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, and watermelon. We had what I hope is the last unseasonable falling of the temperatures to about 35 degrees Fahrenheit last night. My son and I knew it was coming, so we covered the cannas.  Sunday night it is supposed to get down to 39 degrees Fahrenheit before temperatures start going back up again.We just planted the cannas a couple of days ago, only to have a freak hailstorm right after we finished. I prayed that the Lord would protect our plants, and He did! Thank you, Jesus!

My son and my husband went in together and bought this fountain for me a few years ago for either my birthday or Mother’s Day; I can’t remember which one.  Anyway, my son gets excited each year about setting it up and getting it up and running again.  This year he also got excited about an idea of having special plants growing next to the fountain.  That’s why we went out and bought the cannas and planted them.


I can hear the fountain running all the way from my vegetable garden.  It is a soothing sound.

I’m thankful for this beautiful gift of a fountain and its soothing sounds.

I’m thankful for the two sweet givers of this gift.

I’m thankful for my son still being around to set it up for me each year.

I’m thankful that God is the Fountain in my life that is always with me.  He is the only Fountain that never runs dry.  He invites us to drink freely from His unending supply of living water.  He soothes my soul with His refreshing Presence no matter where I am!

What about you?  What are you doing for your mother today?  Or if you are a mother or grandmother, what are your children/grandchildren doing for you?  Have you discovered the Presence of the Lord and the living water that is always available for you?


21 thoughts on “Day 176- Thankful for fountains

  1. I’ve never heard of those helicopter things😂we did cover our garden due to the cold last night and we will the next few nights as well…your garden area looks pretty…so I have a question: tomorrow and Tuesday it’s only supposed to get in the 40s, should I still water my vegetable garden both days or is it too cold for the garden to be watered? And I agree fountains are very soothing❤️


    1. You must not have maple trees. 😂 I thought the helicopters (think seeds) were so fun when I was a kid! We would pick them up throw them in the air and watch them twirl down, down, down. I think I’ve heard some people call them whirligigs. They’re not a problem in the lawn if you mow all the time. But they do not belong in the garden. LOL
      I’m guessing that you have a frost advisory where you live for the next couple of days? And if you’re covering the garden, I’m guessing you have plants and not seeds. I’m thinking that if your plants are young transplants within the last 2 weeks, they do need to be watered, but if you think it’s going to freeze, you should probably only water the soil around them carefully and not get water on the leaves. If the plants have been in the ground for more than 2 weeks and are well established, you could probably get by without watering them for a couple of days as long as the ground was already moist and not dry before you covered them.

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      1. I’ll have to google search those “helicopters”😀
        Yeah it got down into the 30s last night and I think its supposed to get low tonight again…today and tomorrow both are supposed to be in the 40s during the day so I’m trying to baby this garden!! I bought our vegetables already as plants and we’ve had them in containers for about two weeks now..I took your advice and just watered the soil and not the actual leaves🙂they’re looking good!

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        1. Sounds like you’re having a day extra of cold compared to us. For us it’s definitely staying cold a lot longer than normal this year. Today I prepared the part of the garden where I hope to plant my 4 little cucumber plants tomorrow.
          Keep up the good work on your plants! I’m glad they’re looking good! May the Lord bless you with much produce. 💖

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