Day 177- Thankful for days to honor others

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week; Administrative Professionals Day was on April 22, and yesterday was Mother’s Day. Father’s Day comes in June, and Grandparents Day is in September.
These are only a few of the days and weeks set aside to honor and thank those who have impacted our lives and/or who are working hard to make sure that a job gets done and gets done well.
Should we only thank them and honor them once a year?
I should think not! God wants us to show honor to others around us every day.

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves,” Philippians 2:3 NIV

This honoring of others does not in any way devalue the one who is giving honor to the other person. Rather it gives the opportunity to be grateful for another’s service and to encourage them and build them up. And if everyone would obey this command of God, we would all be honoring and receiving honor, as well. Wouldn’t that be something!
I’ve also been thinking about the days that are set aside for the honoring of the Lord. These are once a week instead of once a year. But again, should we only give thanks and honor to God once a week? Of course not!He wants us to seek Him first in everything we do, walking close to Him all day, every day. He always does His part to love and honor us. How wonderful would things be if we would do the same for Him!

Today I’m thankful for days to honor others.

I’m thankful for this reminder of how we should value others more and show them how grateful we are for what they have done for us.

I’m also thankful for what many call “the Lord’s day”, that weekly call to rest and worship the Lord.

I’m thankful for the honor He showed us when He died in our place that we might be saved.

I’m thankful that He delights in our honoring of Him, imperfect though it may be, just as surely as a Mommy is pleased with her child’s efforts at drawing her a picture to wish her a Happy Mothers Day.

How about you? What are your favorite days and weeks to show appreciation to others? What is your takeaway from this blog post? What do you think about honoring God and others every day?

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