Day 178- Thankful for the quiet

I’m not a morning person. I prefer to be left alone for the first hour of the day. I love it when that first hour is quiet.

That has not always been possible, and I’ve learned to deal with it in those times.

But this morning the young people are either sleeping in or doing something quietly in their rooms. I’m not going to find out just yet. My husband is teleworking upstairs.

I’ve enjoyed being alone in the kitchen, thinking, praying, enjoying God’s presence, and listening to the noises that I normally wouldn’t notice because they are quiet noises that blend together as a whole.

The noisiest of those is the refrigerator, a low, steady hum. A car goes by on the road outside, the birds are chirping and singing, and the clock faithfully ticks away the seconds.

That’s it!

I make a bit of my own noise making a cup of tea and something to eat. Then I just listen to the quiet and praise the Lord for this time of quiet before the activities of the day begin.

Today I’m thankful for quietness, calm, and peace.

I’m thankful for those times when I can just listen to those few quiet noises and be easily aware of the Lord’s presence with me.

I’m thankful for the joy and peace that He gives to my heart!

How about you? Are you a morning person or an evening person? Do you enjoy having a little quietness in your day? What are your favorite quiet noises? Do you enjoy the Lord’s presence?


24 thoughts on “Day 178- Thankful for the quiet

  1. Morning person here… maybe because I was a teacher. Love the quiet, and sounds of rain, wind, snowfall, and babbling streams. In peace I find the Lord.

    Thanks for your “thankful” series of posts. Very encouraging. -C.D.

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    1. Yes, I love those sounds, too! Although, I’m not sure that snow makes much noise where I live. Maybe I wasn’t listening hard enough. 😊 Babbling streams are among my favorites.
      Yes, me too!
      You’re welcome! I’m so glad! I felt the Lord’s leading to do this during one of those quiet moments.


  2. I am a morning person and I love the sound of the heat turning on as well as the steady hum of the fridge. Outside my window, I can hear the robins and that is always a welcome sound when I awaken.

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  3. I’m a morning person too.
    My favourite time of day is in the early morning when I make a cup of coffee, and sit in my prayer chair perched high above the North Atlantic.
    This is my prayer and devotion time, and those devotions include reading WordPress blogs.
    I enjoy silence.
    Thanks for posting. 🤗

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      1. Hi !
        You are a talented visualizer !
        My prayer chair is in front of a large window that overlooks the sea!
        We are in a little bay, so this side of the house is actually facing West, so the sunsets over the ocean are quite amazing.
        We are quite far North, so when the sun sets there is still beautiful light in the sky during the time of twilight. 🤗


        1. Thanks!
          If you are facing West, do you actually see the horizon stretching out over the water, or is your line of view limited to the water of the bay and the shores of the bay?
          Sunsets are beautiful, too! Since I’m not an early morning person, I see a lot more sunsets than sunrises. 🙂

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  4. I too am a morning person. I love the sound of the coffee maker sputtering the last water drops into the basket. That means the first delightful sip is soon to come! I love settling in my study corner with Bible and workbook, journal, etc. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to spend my quiet time on our deck, savoring the sounds of late spring, reveling in cool, early morning freshness. Indeed, thank God for all the blessings of quiet. Thank you, Ruth, for drawing them to our attention!

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    1. Yes, I prefer to do my quiet time with the Lord in the morning before other things demand my attention, but that often doesn’t happen. Sometimes the Lord reminds me to stop and spend time with Him in the middle of the afternoon, and sometimes I finally sit down to study the Word and pray late at night.

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  5. Awe love this Ruth! I’m a morning person for sure BUT I like my mornings to myself for about an hour so I can pray and do Bible study without interruptions!…I’m thankful for the quiet just as you are!!

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      1. Yes definitely!! I did a nature prayer walk by myself a few weeks ago! It was soooo amazing!! I want to keep that a go but haven’t been able to spend time at that particular peaceful walking trial again!

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  6. Well, I don’t feel so well in the morning, usually, so that doesn’t make me much of a morning person. I don’t get out of bed right away. Instead I do most of my blogging first thing.

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