Day 182- Thankful for Drive-In Church

Sunday started off well; my son and I went to Drive-In church. It was kind of cool. They had us park in a checkerboard shape, and they used an FM transmitter. We all tuned in to the same radio station; its signal actually reached past the parking lot, as we heard them running the test before we even got there.

The music team, speakers and instruments were all housed in the church’s bus garage because rain was in the forecast. The pastor stood just outside under the overhang when he preached.

It did started sprinkling a little bit, but it was good to see a few people and smile and wave. It was encouraging to see how many people were drawn to be there, like they came because they wanted to, not just out of habit or custom.

I hope none of the neighbors were trying to sleep in; they probably knew something was going on when the pastor said, “Honk if you can hear me.” Apparently everybody could!

It was fun singing with my son in the car; he has a good voice! (My husband was running sound in the garage, and our daughter wasn’t feeling well, so it was just the two of us.)

The last few weeks we have “met” as a church via Facebook live, which was kind of neat, with all the little like and heart emojis going up as virtual amens! 😁

It was nice to be able to actually see how many people were there today, well how many cars anyway. Obviously you couldn’t see everybody.

Apparently someone still put today’s services on FB Live, too, for those who still can’t get out. I’ll have to check it out and see how it turned out!

Today I’m thankful we have the ability to worship the Lord together with others.

I’m thankful for today’s Drive-In church and for those who put it together.

I’m thankful that the bad weather held off until the service was over.

I’m thankful for the worship team, including the tech guys.

I’m thankful for cars and car radios!

What about you? How have you been worshipping the Lord lately? Have you been able to meet remotely somehow with your church family?


23 thoughts on “Day 182- Thankful for Drive-In Church

      1. Yes, but it looks like a crime scene. Every other row of seats is taped off with the stuff they use after a shooting… it’s kinda annoying. We can’t get near anyone… etc…
        But overall, I’m loving being back in church

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  1. I have to stay in so I’ve been watching TV services. I miss my church family but I’m not feeling safe to go out yet. Our pastor streams but our satellite connection doesn’t have enough data to listen in.

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    1. I’m glad you’ve been able to watch the TV services. Hopefully it will be safe for you soon. Sorry, I don’t understand satellite connections. I didn’t know they had data limitations.
      God bless you with sunshine, grace, and peace. 🙏


  2. Neato! Our church started up again a two weeks ago, but we keep waking up too late, so we just keep streaming church. XD Besides, my parents are looking at changing churches again, and the ones we want to visit are bigger and aren’t open yet…😢🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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    1. Yes, it’s hard to keep track of time when you’re in the house all the time and almost everything’s been cancelled.
      I’m glad you’ve been able to stream church at least. 😊
      I pray for your parents that God will give them wisdom and peace in surrender to His perfect will for your whole family. God is in control. May you all draw closer to Him in these difficult days.🙏

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      1. It is! Yup, I’m really glad for streaming church! 🙂 A benefit of tecnology.
        Thanks for praying for my parents and my family! ❤ Hoping to find a church that we'll stick with longer than 3 months.

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          1. Yeah, I’ve gotten used to it, though. I do pray for my parents. Deep down, I think they’re searching for community and friends who will stay no matter what, and that can be hard to find nowadays.

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            1. I’m glad you’re praying for them. God is even now in the process of working out the answer.
              Yes, I know what you mean. I’ve discovered that I can’t convince others to do right. I can only do right myself and be a good example to the believers, all the while leaning on God as my Best Friend ever, who will always be faithful and always stay no matter what! 💖💖💖

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            2. Yes, praise God for His conviction! I’ve discovered over time that rationalizing is leaning on our own understanding and choosing to do it our way instead of God’s way, which is extremely prideful and leads us into rebellion and disobedience to God. When it causes us to to choose our own way, it is a form of arguing with God, which does not end well. May the Lord help us to delight ourselves in Him and lean on Him and walk in obedience with Him.

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