Day 185-Thankful for the recipe for joy

Unite my heart to fear Your name. I will give thanks to You, O Lord my God, with all my heart, and will glorify Your name forever.” Psalm 86:11b,12 NASB

When someone tells you “thank you” halfheartedly instead of wholeheartedly are you inclined to believe that they’re truly thankful? I admit that when I am on the receiving end of halfhearted thanks, I have trouble believing that they are truly thankful. But how many times have I given halfhearted thanks to God? How many times have I served Him halfheartedly? How many times have I loved Him halfheartedly?

There’s a reason that God told his people to love Him with all their heart, and all their soul, and all their mind, and all their strength.

We are to love God wholeheartedly with everything in us. This does not mean that we can’t love others; rather it means that we will love others correctly when we love God wholeheartedly first.

When I first read the words “unite my heart”, I wasn’t sure what it meant. But the next verse shows the answer.

In order to unite one’s heart with itself, it has to be divided first. In fact, the NIV and BSB translate “unite my heart” as, “give me an undivided heart“.

I will be able to thank God with all my heart when I yield my divided heart to Him and ask Him to unite it.

There is a song by Eugene Greco recorded by Hosanna! Music that comes from these verses.

“…Give me a totally undivided heart,

that I may fear Your name.

Purify my heart,

cleanse me Lord I pray,

remove from me all that is standing in the way of Your Love.”

This is the recipe for joy.

Pray with me, won’t you? Lord today I surrender to you all of my heart, the broken parts, the parts with scars and wounds and hurts, the part that is hard, the part that is sinful, the part that is weary, the part that is discouraged, the part that is angry, the part that is fearful. Purify me, Lord, and give me an undivided heart that I may praise Your name. Set me free from the bondage of a divided heart.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen

Today I’m thankful that God wants to give me an undivided heart.

I’m thankful that He offers to purify and heal my heart.

I’m thankful that by His grace I can praise and love Him with my whole heart, and I’m thankful for the joy that this brings!

What about you?  Is this a subject you’ve considered before?  Have you ever experienced the first love for Jesus?  Are you still walking in His joy today?  What if surrendering to Him your divided heart and asking Him to unite it would bring back the joy that you seem to have lost?  Would you be willing to do that?

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