Day 186- Thankful we’re not truly in isolation with God by our side

I was just thinking about someone long ago who got discouraged in isolation. His name was Elijah. You might say, “But didn’t he get discouraged after the miracle at Mount Carmel?” Yes, but if you think about it, he had been isolated for 3 1/2 years prior to that event, so even if he was in a crowd at Mount Carmel, it’s possible that he still felt isolated. The other people who were still worshippers of God would have feared for their lives because of Jezebel, just as Elijah did once the whole Mount Carmel experience was over. So they probably were not coming up and slapping him on the back and telling him how great it was to see him.

He was left thinking that he was the only one still serving the Living God.

It doesn’t take just the isolation of covid-19 to make one feel this way. I felt similarly after having been on the mission field for a few years. Perhaps pastors and their wives start feeling something like this after a while if they don’t have anyone else to confide in. And perhaps not being able to find a church where we feel comfortable might do the same thing.

Anytime we are cut off from Godly fellowship with other believers we can begin to feel this discouragement that comes from not being able to see the bigger picture of how God is working in other places.

I’ve discovered in the blog world a good number of Godly Christians, those who truly love the Lord and want to serve Him.

It was, at first, a humbling experience to realize that I had been believing a lie. It was (and still is) also an encouraging experience to read how God is working in the lives of others!

Elijah had no internet. He did not know, until the Lord told him, that there were 7000 who still had not bowed the knee to Baal. Elijah probably did not know who most of them were, but God did.

The important thing is that we keep on drawing near to the presence of our living, loving Lord God.

When we are in his presence, having fellowship with Him, we are not truly in isolation.

And what a joy it is to have fellowship with other Godly Christians, whether on the internet, through Drive-In Church, by phone, by snail mail, or in person!

Today I’m thankful that I am never truly isolated when I have Jesus as my Savior and Lord!

I’m thankful that He never leaves me nor forsakes me.

I’m thankful that we can still communicate and show kindness to others through more remote methods to remind them that they are not truly alone.

And I’m thankful for all of you who are following the Lord and sharing how He is working in your lives!

How about you?  Has this isolation and the inability to meet in person with other believers left you or someone you know feeling discouraged?  How have you seen others reach out and show the love of Christ in spite of social distancing?  Have you spent some of this last couple of months drawing nearer to the Lord?  What have you learned from this time?


11 thoughts on “Day 186- Thankful we’re not truly in isolation with God by our side

  1. Like you, I also gain strength and courage from godly bloggers.

    The internet can certainly be used to strengthen our faith.

    I also walk up to our little church every day. I stand outside, and pray for revival.

    Thanks for blogging !! 🌷🤗

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  2. We are very blessed to have the internet! With our health problems I would feel so isolated. God has also blessed me with friends that have health issues as well. It does help to have people in your life who understand your struggles. So I am very thankful for this indeed.

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    1. Yes, for sure! I’m happy for you that the Lord has provided for you this means of communication with the outside.
      Do your friends with health issues live near you, or are they internet friends as well?
      Yes, it does. It’s good to feel heard and understood.

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