Day 189- Thankful for curbside and backyard delivery

A few weeks ago I had a birthday. I erroneously thought it was going to be a disappointing experience. But family members remembered and showered me with love. And a sweet lady from church even dropped off a vase of fresh, beautiful flowers with a birthday balloon! That really cheered me up! 😊

The flowers lasted a really long time! But the memory of her act of kindness will last much longer!

Early this morning I was thinking that it would be nice if somebody would drop something special off again today. I remembered that a package I had ordered arrived yesterday, a day early. I was glad, but the Lord had to remind me that this, too, is a blessing from Him.

Then the Lord really got my attention as He reminded me of His backyard drop offs He’s been making in the garden! 😊

That really made my heart smile!

He cares so much that He’s been dropping off bunches of asparagus totally gratis! And yesterday He gave me three dinner plates full of beautiful, red strawberries! And, I’ve already frozen a few quarts of strawberries over the last few days.

Of course, I have to actually pick the strawberries, but they are still a gift from the Lord.

This is the absolute best year ever for both strawberries and asparagus! My garden has never looked so good nor produced so well! God is so good!

Today I’m thankful for kind, loving friends and family.

I’m thankful for curbside delivery, and especially the kind birthday bouquet and gifts!

And I’m thankful for God’s backyard delivery of abundant and big, juicy strawberries and asparagus! I’m thankful for His watchful, loving care and His cheerful, thoughtful deliveries!

How about you? Have you enjoyed any deliveries to your home? Do you count the packages that arrive as a blessing from the Lord, even if you ordered them online yourself? How has the Lord delivered His blessings to you lately?

Asparagus (and mint)

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