Day 190- Thankful God made me amazingly unique

If you’ve read my blog post called Worship ABC’s, you know that sometimes it helps me to organize my thoughts if I use the alphabet to make lists and direct my thoughts to something positive.

I also once enjoyed listing 26 positive characteristics that my oldest daughter has from A-Z to help encourage her. It really did brighten her day!

Today I read an idea that I really liked from Sally, who blogs at Newfoundlandhousewife blog.

I have her permission to try it here on my blog.

You can check out her blog by clicking this link.

Her idea is to find something that you enjoy doing for each letter of the alphabet, which has the potential to encourage you to appreciate the uniqueness of how God has made you. She also suggests that you can share your list with loved ones, and it can help them understand you better, thus, strengthening your relationships.

So, here goes!

Things I enjoy doing:

Conversations with loved ones
Encouraging others; also, many types of Exploring (places, cultures, nature)
Finding treasures in God’s word
Improvising, inspiring others
Journaling what God is teaching me
Kneeling in prayer
Listening to waves, waterfalls, thunder, and the voice of God in my heart
Mission work
Nurturing growing Christians
Obeying God
Playing the piano
Quieting my heart before God
Reading the Bible, allegories, and junior adventure novels
Singing and Swimming
Traveling and teaching
Undertaking to understand
Vacationing to beaches and mountain vistas
Walking and worshiping God
X – experiencing the Presence of God
Yielding to God’s will
Zealously serving God

So, that’s what comes to mind of what I like to do A – Z!

“I praise you because you made me in an amazing and wonderful way. What you have done is wonderful. I know this very well.” Psalm 139:14 ICB

Today I’m thankful that God made me amazingly unique!

I’m thankful for His gifts that make me me!

I’m also thankful that He has a purpose and a plan for my life.

And, I’m thankful that He made YOU amazingly unique, aren’t you?

There is no one else in the whole world that can be you! God has a purpose for your life, and He has placed you strategically where you are to do what He wants you to do and be who He wants you to be.

What would your A – Z list contain?

8 thoughts on “Day 190- Thankful God made me amazingly unique

  1. Thank you for sharing both yours and Sally’s positive ABC’s. They are both wonderful. It was also really comforting to read through your own list as I could relate to feeling the same way about so many of the things you enjoy doing. 😄 Have a wonderfully blessed week, Ruth!

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