Day 200- Thankful for Ravi Zacharias

When Ravi Zacharias passed away last month, this world lost an amazing man, a true servant of God.

He spoke not only to the heart, but to the mind. His radio shows were called “Let my people think”, and well we should.

Yesterday must have been an incredibly difficult day for his family, their first Father’s Day with him in heaven.

Below is a link to the remarks made by his daughter at his memorial service last month. I watched the whole thing through; it’s not that long. I was not able to watch it without a few tears, though.

One organization that Ravi started is called RZIM. You can still go to the website to find many outstanding resources. Below is a web address for an article he wrote addressing the question of pain and suffering. You can get to other parts of the website from this address.

You can also Google “Ravi Zacharias podcasts”, and you’ll find a sampling of his talks. If you’ve never listened to any of his radio shows or podcasts, you’ve been missing out on a wonderful blessing, and I would suggest strongly that you do so soon.

Today I am thankful for Ravi Zacharias and how God has used him and will continue to use him in my life and in the lives of countless others worldwide.

I’m also thankful for his family having so bravely and generously shared him with us all.

Happy Father’s Day, Ravi.

May the Lord bless his family and colleagues who were close to him. Let’s remember to pray for them, shall we?

What about you? Have you ever listened to Ravi Zacharias speak? Have you ever read any of his books?

22 thoughts on “Day 200- Thankful for Ravi Zacharias

  1. That man was amazing! As a little girl, I always saw my dad watching his videos and I was fascinated by him. When I got older and once I got my own devices, I started watching his stuff everyday. I learned so much and enjoyed hearing him speak. The day he passed, I was very broken hearted. I know he’s in heaven with Jesus but I’ve never been able to handle the death thing very well.

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    1. Yes, he was amazing, a Spirit-filled man who truly loved the Lord!
      That is so cool that you were introduced to him via your dad watching his videos at such a young age!! And though he has graduated from life with highest honors, which is sad for all of us left behind, maybe it would help to look at it as him winning the gold medal and passing on the torch to each of us who learned from him. If each of us will reach one, and then another, and then another with the Jesus that he loved so much, his influence will be expanded exponentially. May we run the race to win.

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  2. Ravi was such a blessing to this world. I only started to listen to him after he died but that made me realize how much he blessed the world. He’s probably resting on Jesus’ bosom rn. I hope we all think and be able to be bold about our faith like Ravi was. Thank you for this post!

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