Day 203- Thankful for refreshing, summer rain

Sunday after our church service was over I rushed with my daughter, son, and granddaughter to the exit, mostly because the little one was hungry. We got out the door and found that it had just started raining lightly. I told them to wait for me under the porte cochere (I had to look that up) while I went to get the car. I pulled up as close as I could and waved them to hurry and get in, and less than a minute after they were in the car, it started pouring down rain!

A couple of days later we had thunder and some good, heavy rain off and on for over 24 hours.  The garden was very happy about that!  There’s just something about those rain showers that gives a good, even soaking to the thirsty plants.  And they were thirsty even though I had run the sprinkler a few times.

Sometimes we approach the garden of our soul a bit like I’ve approached watering my garden.  We give it “just enough” to get by, just enough so we don’t wilt. 

But if we take the time to drench our souls daily with the water of God’s word, seeking God’s Spirit  through prayers of worship, praise, and submission to Him, He will give us showers of blessing: wisdom, love, peace, joy, goodness, faith, and more!  Joy and peace will flood our souls, and growth will be quickly evident!  We will be so refreshed and revived that we’ll wonder why we don’t do that more often.

Today I’m thankful for the refreshing summer rain.

I’m thankful that we all got into the car before the rain began falling so hard.

I’m also thankful for God’s refreshing living water found in His Word.

And I’m thankful for the Holy Spirit’s work in our hearts, watering and tending the “soil” of our heart-garden that it may be a place of beauty and rest and bring forth much fruit.

What about you?  Do you like the refreshing rain in summer?  Have you ever experienced the refreshment that God’s Holy Spirit wants to bring to your soul?


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