Day 205- Thankful to have a voice with the King of the Universe

Recently my son has started teaching one of the young teens from our church how to play chess. This has caused me to remember my younger days when I used to play. I was in the chess club in junior high school.

I remember, while playing an opponent, thinking to myself, “If I move this piece, he will probably move that piece; then I can move this piece, and he will probably move that piece.”

Professional chess players can strategize many, many, many moves ahead of time, much better than my abilities in junior high or even now.

This reminds me of God’s sovereignty in making plans and bringing them to fruition in our lives.

I’m not suggesting that we are just pawns in His control. Nor am I suggesting that He trivializes our existence into just a game to be played.

What I am saying is that He is much wiser than we are. He is exponentially smarter than the best chess player ever. He has plans for billions of people, and He can see the next move that any one of them is going to make before they make it.

One thing that amazes me about this is that He, the Sovereign King of the universe, invites us to come to Him with our requests!

It intrigues me that He is never too busy to listen and that He welcomes, even commands us to pray for our cities, our leaders, our countries, and our world! He wants us to pray about things we can do NOTHING ELSE about, things that frustrate us or scare us because we feel we have no voice.


Think about it: the All-powerful, All-wise Sovereign invites us to become His children and to come into His throne room. He invites us to think and to voice our thoughts to Him. He welcomes our BIG prayers. He tells us to ask Him to help our leaders so that we may live peaceful lives.

Have we relegated God to the position of a king on the chessboard being played by evil forces? Do we feel like some evil force is going to get God in checkmate, and all will be lost? Have we given up hope that He cares and is able and willing to do great things? Are we trembling in our boots, believing the lies of the devil, being fooled by his bluffs and smokescreens?

Or do we have faith that He is the Benevolent Ruler of all, the Sovereign King of the universe, smarter than any other ruler, who will win in the end?

Today I’m thankful that God wins!

I’m thankful that He is the True, Benevolent Ruler who will bring evil to Justice.

I’m thankful that He invites us to come to Him with our requests!

I’m thankful that we have a voice with Him!

I’m thankful that He cares, listens, and answers!

I’m thankful that He welcomes our BIG prayers!

I’m thankful that He has a good plan, and that He will bring it to fruition!

What about you? How has your faith in God been doing lately? Have you been fooled by the devil’s bluffing, feeling like God can’t or doesn’t care to help? Are you glad He welcomes your voice? Are you willing to bring your big and small requests to Him, believing that He cares about anything that is bothering you? In your innermost heart, how Big is God? And how big is His love for you? Are you ready to trust Him more today than yesterday?

16 thoughts on “Day 205- Thankful to have a voice with the King of the Universe

  1. Great post !
    I pray about everything, even the smallest details, like thanking God for the tiny sparrow that blessed me with beautiful singing today.

    A friend of mine says that she only prays about ‘big things’, like world peace, but I think God hears big and little prayers too. πŸ€—πŸŒ·

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    1. Thanks, Sally!
      Yes, He sure does! As God’s children, He wants us to talk with Him about everything.
      I’ve heard people talk about how they think God is too busy with world affairs, and their conclusion is that we shouldn’t bother Him with the little things. This is not a Biblical view of God. This opinion exponentially underestimates God’s ability to engage with His children. It also paints Him as unloving, and uncaring, too busy for His children, unable to engage with His children on an emotional level. Some of us may have had human fathers like that, but they were limited by their humanness. God is not like that.

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  2. So well written, Ruth. You painted the picture of how lovely our God is so beautifully, making the picture so clear. Enjoyed the read very much. He is quite amazing , isn’t He?

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