Day 207- (Photos & video) Thankful for protection from and blessings of the storm

A few of days ago thunder storms were predicted for our area. The morning storms did not materialize, and all was still hot and dry for the next few hours, even after newer predictions for severe thunderstorms were made available.

I stood under the overhang just outside the back door as the thunder got closer and closer, and I took several short videos documenting what was “obviously” just gentle thunder showers.

After it seemed like the storm was almost past, a gentle breeze sprung up. Starting yet another short video, I moved back just to the door post to steady my hand. I had to slide the sliding clasp on the “Screen Door Closer” to hold the door open. So, when a sudden, unexpected wind measuring 52 miles per hour suddenly slammed the other side of that door, I had to struggle to get the door closed. Here is the short video I was filming that shows what happened as it happened.


Our property appears to have been at or near the “epicenter” of a downdraft, if one considers the fact that we had the most tree damage on the entire block, and that less than two blocks away there was no damage at all.

Of course, it may be that we got more rain, as well.

Sometimes showers of blessing come accompanied by a storm.

But consider this:

  • The only home damage that we appear to have is a bent gutter that will need to be fixed.
  • Both cars escaped having a branch fall on them.
  • I had just gotten inside when the branch fell on the house just outside that door.
  • All of us were safe inside.
  • The Lord brought down 2 out of 3 dead branches from the willow tree, branches that I had wanted to trim myself but could not because they were out of reach.
  • The tree that fell and blocked our driveway at the south end has been dying slowly for 20 years; it had become hollow inside, and we found a mushroom growing peacefully inside after the cavity was ripped open by the wind.
  • My husband and I had talked about how we could open up the canopy on the west side of the house since grass would no longer grow there. The Lord has taken care of that by bringing down 3 very large branches from the westernmost maple tree.
  • A branch hanging over the north side of the driveway cracked loudly several times but did not come completely down. The neighbor across the street, with whom I’ve never had a conversation before, warned me not to walk under it, just in case. We had no more wind to finish off that job; we cut off the smaller parts of the branch that were touching the driveway the next morning, and a professional has promised to take off the big, heavy part for a really good price.
  • I was able to have conversations with 5 neighbors, some with whom I’ve never spoken before. One of them was very comfortable speaking about God; she actually bought pizza and lemonade the next day and made sure to invite us and other neighbors to come get some while we were out working to clean up storm debris. As for the other neighbors I got to talk with, a door has been opened, and we’ll see where God is leading in the future.
  • We did not lose electrical service.
  • Come fall, we will have less leaves coming down! lol
Heart-shaped redbud leaf plastered to the end of a dead willow branch


It was time.


Mushroom reveal


Canopy opened up
These branches were blocking the afternoon and evening sunlight.  B’bye!

Sometimes we have other types of storms in our lives; our country is going through some right now, and it’s hard not to feel the pain, even if we are not directly affected.

Perhaps the Lord is doing some pruning and watering in our lives, some gardening and “tree trimming” that we would not have chosen, but which He, in His ultimate wisdom, knows will be a blessing in the end. 

Perhaps He is more interested in the beauty of our spiritual gardens and knows that we have been neglecting them. 

Perhaps He is opening up the canopy, something else that has become so overgrown in our lives that the Light of His glory has been blocked from entering and bringing growth in our hearts. 

Perhaps our lives were really way to hot and dry, and He knew we needed Him to choose the way for the water of His blessings to enter in and bring refreshment and growth.

Today I’m thankful for the storms, both meteorological and spiritual.

I’m thankful for the rain and the refreshment of our souls.

I’m thankful that God is wise and the best Gardener ever.

I’m thankful for God’s light and the growth that it brings.

I’m thankful that God kept us, our house, and our cars safe from damage.

I’m thankful for the Lord’s choice of which branches to bring down, some of them answers to prayer, and that no one got hurt in the process.

I’m thankful to have finally had the opportunity to have an icebreaker and talk with neighbors.

I’m thankful that we didn’t lose electrical power.

I’m thankful that there will be less leave to rake this fall.

I’m thankful that He was and is always with us in all the storms of our lives!  I’m thankful for His protection and presence and power.

What about you?  Have you ever been super close to a powerful storm and experienced the Lord’s protection?  Does it comfort you that He is with you in the spiritual, physical, and emotional storms that you face?  Have you drawn closer to God in the trials of 2020?


25 thoughts on “Day 207- (Photos & video) Thankful for protection from and blessings of the storm

  1. When we were living in SC, my family and I went through Hurricane David. We were in a mobile home, so a friend from church invited us to come stay with her in her house. The electricity went out early in the evening and the storm raged all night. We prayed, listened to the radio about the storm’s progress, and just talked about God. We stood at the windows and watched the water rising in the yard. The next morning, after not sleeping, we could see all of the damage all around us and we were all thankful for God’s protection and love.

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    1. Yes! God is the Best Story Writer of all!
      Yes, the arborist that came today to clean up the tree mess said that maple trees can stay alive through the bark. I think this was hyperbole, since the tree’s life support tissue is actually the part that the bark covers. (This was a maple tree.)

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  2. So glad the Lord kept you safe and provided many blessings as well. A couple years ago a storm came through. The big pine tree that’s a “line tree” marking the boundary between our place and the neighbor’s had a couple limbs come down. The wind took one limb (about 10-12 inches around) and sent it through the air into our yard and deposited it on the ground. Had the wind taken it about 12 feet further, the limb would have come through our laundry room, probably hitting the hot water tank. But I believe God said to the wind, “Ok, that’s enough. Drop it on the ground.” When we were talking to the neighbor, we agreed we were surprised the limb didn’t just fall straight down, underneath the pine tree. Instead, the wind must have twirled it around and sent it through the air. We didn’t know what was going on, but God did.

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  3. I am thankful for this positive post. It’s so easy to look at our storms and feel as if nothing good will come out of them, but God works wonders. Sometimes it definitely takes a storm to force us to the shore. Really enjoyed reading your post, Ruth. God is good to give us so much encouragement in the storm. Thankfully for you too. ❤

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    1. 😁 Yes, God was in control, right there protecting us! Praise be to Him!
      Yes, they’ve been coming our way, as well. I love them, but now that the gutter is bent (from that branch) right over the cellar door, we’ve had water in the basement, even with a tarp over said door. Yesterday afternoon I secured the tarp better and dug a trench away from the house, and so far it seems to have worked. I prayed and asked God please not to allow any winds under the tarp that could make it “fly” so to speak.
      Thanks! You too!

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