Day 211- Thankful for a new fridge

Over a year ago we started having problems with our old refrigerator; the freezer stopped freezing properly, and water leaked out onto the floor. We realized that it was leaking inside first, so my husband faithfully changed out a rolled-up towel every week to give us a little more time to look for and buy a new refrigerator.

Life continued with taking our son to college and the financial adjustment that entailed plus all the steps that had to be taken to get our daughter’s medical diagnosis and treatments to decrease her pain levels. Then 2020 happened….

Long story short, we finally went shopping for a new fridge toward the end of May this year! We were told that they would order it but that they had no idea when the new fridge would arrive in store due to COVID-19 restrictions. They gave us a tentative delivery date of June 20.

That date came and went with no word; it was a long wait. I even wondered at one point if  we would ever get that refrigerator!

We finally got word a little over a week ago that we could expect delivery on Friday, July 24.

Around 5 p.m. on the 24th, I called them to see why the fridge had not yet been delivered. There had been some sort of mix up, but the manager assured us that it would arrive on the 25th instead.

When, noon approached on the 25th, and still no word, I called and spoke with the same manager, who said that they should have called us before leaving the store in the morning. He called them and had them give us a call so we would have an idea when they would arrive.

It finally did arrive! Praise God! The new has come and the old has gone!

  • No more leaking!
  • Nothing is broken inside!
  • And the freezer actually freezes!
It was worth the wait!

It was a long wait with some inconveniences along the way. But the wait is finally over, and we can now enjoy the new refrigerator that God has provided.

This has been a year of waiting. It seems like it’s been both the longest and shortest 7 months I’ve ever lived.

I think most of us can say that we’ve experienced inconveniences and uncertainties and even broken promises. And they’re not over yet.

But those who put their trust in Jesus have both a promise of His Spirit’s presence always with us and a promise that He will come again to make things right.

The wait for His return has been so long. Sometimes it may feel like too much to keep on rolling up the proverbial “towel” to stop the “leaks”, however that may look for reach of us.

But God requires of His servants faithfulness, and then gifts us with that very faithfulness that we can’t seem to drum up on our own.

Don’t give up, friend!
Don’t Give Up

Keep trusting God.

The end product will be SO worth the wait!!

Today I’m thankful for the new refrigerator God has given us.

I’m thankful for my husband’s faithful sacrifice in maintaining the old fridge and in buying the new one.

I’m thankful for his job and for his faithful performance of those duties, as well, even in these months of teleworking.

And I’m thankful that the Lord is always with us, helping us to persevere, and that He will be Faithful to His promise and come again at just the right time!

What about you?  Are you finding it difficult to wait for better days to come?  Are you thankful for God’s presence and help during the time of waiting?  Are you trusting Him to be faithful and keep His word?  Are you willing to wait on Him?


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20 thoughts on “Day 211- Thankful for a new fridge

  1. This is a very nice refrigerator, so enjoy using it! In this time of Covid, we are all waiting for the next thing: a new wave of the virus, a vaccine, new info from the CDC and the President’s team. Honestly, I’ve almost stopped watching the news. I’ve decided that God did not send this virus, but like with Job, He did give permission for it. So, it will go away when God says the word. So we wait. And I hope that many are praying.

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    1. Yes, God has blessed us, and I am enjoying it!
      Yes, I almost never watch the news. I occasionally read news stories online. And the only way I can do that is to pray for the people and situations. A steady diet of the garbage being touted as “news” is enough to lead to a very unhealthy psyche, just as surely as our physical bodies suffer when we only eat junk food.

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