Day 215- Thankful for Green

When I returned from Africa a few decades ago, the first thing I marveled at was all the green: green grass, trees, lots of trees! weeds even, but they were green! It was like a feast to a hungry soul!

In the winter I get that same starvation for green (and other colors).

The pine tree in our yard and a couple of evergreens that our neighbors have remind me that there is still life. They are the only oasis of green in the gray and brown (and sometimes white) of our outdoor winter surroundings.

When spring comes, I’m so glad to see the green and the flowers again!

It’s amazing what deprivation can do to help us realize what we had and did not even think to be grateful for.

I now look out my window and see green in abundance, and I am glad!

Today I’m thankful for green.

I’m thankful for evergreens that faithfully wave a beacon of hope for more pleasant days to come, that there is life after the harshness of winter.

I’m thankful for the evidence of life that green portrays.

What about you? Have you ever lived or traveled in a place where green plants are scarce? Are you thankful for green?


9 thoughts on “Day 215- Thankful for Green

  1. It’s been very dry in this area this summer. Our front yard had more brown in it where the soil underneath isn’t good. With the rain we had in the past few days, things are greening up again. I think my favorite color is green–seems so soothing–so I’m glad.

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    1. We’ve had lots of summers like that in the past. This year we’ve gotten all the right amounts of rain at all the right times. It’s such a blessing! I’m glad you all got some rain recently and that things are greening up again!
      It’s funny, I don’t wear a lot of green clothing or drive a green car, but when it comes to nature, I love green! 😁


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